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Kassam rocket launched from Gaza landed in Ashkelon. Israeli government tolerates the Palestinians’ shelling a poor town of Sderot, but would have no choice but to invade Gaza if the Arabs improve Kassam rockets to reliably target Ashkelon.

Israeli government approved another $200 million for the Iron Dome system which might protect Israel from Katyusha and Kassam rockets. Sort of increasing the height of our ghetto’s walls. A Kassam rocket cost below $200.

Haniyeh’s assistant Ahmed Yosef announced that Hamas would abide by cease-fire if Israel ends the blockade of Gaza (opens the crossings). The blockade serves no military purpose.

Iran announced an upcoming tender for 19 nuclear reactors

Palestinians and Americans alike criticize Israel for construction in the eastern part of Jerusalem. We, too, object to the construction because Israeli government, in the typically socialist fashion, pays for the housing units. It’s not the government job to provide housing.

Hamas militant wing Izz ad Din Qassam Brigades distributed photos of anti-aircraft heavy machine guns it uses to shoot at Israeli helicopters. Hamas confiscated the weapons from Fatah during the summer takeover of Gaza.

Israeli police arrested the most wanted criminal Amir Mulner, but a judge ordered his release because of the supposedly insufficient evidence.

Chiefs of IDF, Shabak object to the planned government decision to soften the criteria for prisoners “with blood on their hands.” Israeli government is ready to release all terrorists with not a lot of cheap Jewish blood on their hands.

In the recently released videotape, Bin Laden threatens bringing his holy war onto Israeli soil. Pakistan’s opposition mobster Bhutto asserted that Omar killed Bin Laden.

Sarkozy refused further negotiations with Syria until Assad allows the Lebanese parliament to elect another vehemently anti-Israeli president.

The new video shows Osama’s old picture with a voiceover in Arabic purported to be his. The video deals with 9/11 and doesn’t bear on the present issues.

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