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The organizers of the Annapolis peace scam don’t care that their show comes at a hefty price. After the failure of Annapolis, Arabs will certainly escalate terrorist attacks. Israel will go on the near-highest alert on Monday, expecting terrorist attacks – and dead Jews – in the wake of the Annapolis peace show.

Two months ago Israeli media were virtually kissing an Arab. His wives and child died in car accident, and he donated their organs to Jewish hospital. So sweet. The textbook example of good Israeli Arab. Indeed.
Israeli police arrested that Arab. He killed both wives and faked the car crash. His crime would likely go unnoticed, but the Arab decided to collect insurance for the murdered wives. At that point, insurance investigators became suspicious, and the police eventually uncovered the murder.
There are 1.4 million of nice Arabs in Israel.

Syria repeatedly offered Israel peace in return for the Golan Heights. Israel repeatedly agreed to. Syria sent its rep to the Annapolis peace scam. Israeli FM Livni rejected any discussion of the Golan Heights during the Annapolis peace show.

Jerusalem court overturned the Ministry of Interior’s decision refusing visa to a Ukrainian relative of resident alien. The court noted that the Ministry of Interior did not prove the applicant’s malicious intent to remain in Israel. Just how can the Ministry of Interior prove such malicious intent of the tens of thousands applicants? Obviously, the Ministry relies on informed guess, and cannot work otherwise. The court’s decision can become a springboard for similar cases and flood Israel with still more aliens.

November 2007
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