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Arabs in Gaza behave like animals, and Israel made Gaza into a zoo: walled off, closed, punished, given food and water, and boiling inside. Worse than even the master’s syndrome, Israel’s behavior in Gaza recalls safari or free-shooting range.
The IDF shot two Arabs who violated the standing prohibition of their Jewish masters and approached the security fence at night. The Arabs posed no threat whatsoever. The IDF soldiers only needed to equip themselves with night-vision goggles or turn on the beacon light in order to confirm that the Arabs are harmless. Arabs routinely venture into the prohibited zone to search for some waste of value to them or something to eat. The murder unmistakably recalls the Nazis shooting the Jews who ventured outside of the ghetto in search of food.
Killing our Arab enemies, many of them, is one thing, but the cold-blooded murder is something entirely different.

Peres Peace Center is a well-known money laundering establishment which launders hundreds of millions of dollars in European grants to Arabs and the peace process. The peace center’s offshoot issued a “study” asserting that solving the Arab refugee problem would cost up to 85 billion dollars. That’s $40,000 per “refugee” or $300,000 per average family in the Palestinian refugee camps. In reality, given ten percent of that amount, they would abandon the refugee camps and settle the moon.

November 2007
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