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Israel will start implementing power cuts to Gaza only from December, and in such a manner as to cause the Arab enemies no suffering.

At the meeting in Cairo, Arab countries decided to offer re-opening consulates of Oman and Qatar in Israel in return for freezing the construction of separation wall which proved infuriatingly effective in preventing Arab terrorists from infiltrating Israel.

Israeli ultra-left Attorney General Mazuz announced that Israeli public figures whom he happens to investigate must step down. The leftist ignoramus establishes the presumption of guilt. The police witch-hunts against Israeli government officials who did not bow down to leftists’ demands almost never result in convictions, but are a well-known form of political blackmail.

The policemen set explosives under the Nahariya’s mafia boss car and at his relative’s house with the intention of frightening the gangster who otherwise operates with impunity. Why cannot Israeli police just kill Michael Mor, making the world a better place?

According to Israel Radio’s poll, the Knesset elections held today would give Netanyahu 31 seats (he falsely promised in the previous elections to repeal the Oslo Accords but instead gave Arabs Hebron), Olmert – 13 seats (do the voters watch news at all?), Barak – 20 seats (leftists are thrilled by his empty sanctions against Gaza), and Lieberman – 8 seats (can’t wait for his tough talk). Olmert is undoubtedly Israel’s best living politician.

Faced with Arab-Rice’s demands to destroy the “illegal” outposts on the Arab-occupied land of Judea, the Knesset adopted a motion to authorize the outposts and support the settlement blocs. The motion came handy before the Annapolis peace show. The Labor loonies voted against the motion, and Ramon the Sexual Predator called on the MKs to fulfill Israel’s obligations to the US Administration even though the Palestinian Arabs failed on all their pledges. Ramon the Traitor doesn’t know that Israel’s foremost obligation is to someone way higher than Bush.

Egyptian security forces expropriated another ton of explosives on the border with Gaza. This year, Egypt forcibly took 186 tons of explosives intended for Hamas in Gaza.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister is dead serious about establishing peace with Israel: ahead of the Annapolis peace show, the Saudi announced he won’t shake hands with Israelis.
Arab countries send their foreign ministers to the Annapolis peace show while Israel will be humiliatingly represented by the highest (and the worst) politicians.

Jerry Seinfeld met Olmert, Peres ahead of the Annapolis peace show

Ultra-left newspiece Yediot Ahronot must be shocked with results of its pre-Annapolis poll: almost 70% of Israelis (in other words, all Jews) reject concessions on Jerusalem. Majority rejects destroying the settlements in the Arab-occupied Judea.
Palestinian polls offer similar figures: majority of Arabs don’t believe in the Annapolis peace scam.
Hamas will hold a conference in Gaza to show that majority of Palestinians reject concessions to Israel on the issue of Jerusalem, land, or refugees.
Raw force is the only way of reaching the settlement: now, just like the three thousand years ago.

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