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Hapoel Holon baseball team fans prepared to sabotage the coming game with hundreds of fireworks. Police raided the houses of baseball fans, confiscated firecrackers and Sony Playstations.

The release is a goodwill gesture, nothing expected in return. IDF soldiers risk their lives daily arresting similar terrorists.

In March this year, Jews legally purchased a house in Hebron which controls a strategically important junction. During the next large-scale Arab attack on the religious Jews in Hebron, the house would provide Jews with firing positions to allow their families evacuate to Kiryat Arba. Jewish leftists, accordingly, attach great importance to evicting the house owners so that the Arabs could massacre the Jewish community of Hebron.
Israeli government announced that police should evict the Jews from the house because they didn’t purchase it. The government’s order comes in spite of the clear legal documents, previously investigates by the relevant Israeli authorities. The government could have issued a deliberately absurd order to allow the Hebron Jewish community to appeal it in court, while at the same time making good on Olmert’s promises to crack down on religious Jews in Judea euphemistically called “settlers.”

Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel published devastating data: Arabs constitute 28% of Israelis under 17. The CBS avoids publicizing the data for under-9 age group: Arabs constitute 34% there. The situation is actually still worse, as the CSB counts Slavs with remote Jewish relatives as Jews. Such Slavs are estimated at 19% of the young population of Israel.

November 2007
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