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Gulf Cooperation Council, an association of undeveloped Arab countries, offered Iran an alternative to the domestic nuclear enrichment. GCC would enrich uranium in Switzerland and supply to Arab states for peaceful nuclear programs. Despite its continuous troubles with uranium enrichment, Iran will refuse that offer or attach impossible strings to it. Iran develops nuclear weapons and will not bite an offer of peaceful nuclear program. Besides, the GCC program is hardly that peaceful: plutonium can be harvested even from the power reactors.
After initially rejecting the intelligence estimates, Olmert confirmed that Iran will be ready with its nuclear bomb by the 2009.

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni shocked the Knesset with the Kahanist platform: Palestinian state must be a place for Arab Israelis. That the very position for which Rabbi Meir Kahane was condemned as racist and banned from the Knesset. Expelling the Arab enemies from Israel is the only solution to keep Israel Jewish.
Kadima government seemed to have gathered its leftovers of Jewishness and moves to the right in fast forward tempo.
Meanwhile, Barak, true to his left-wing lunacy, did not issue a single building permit for the Jewish villages in Judea and Samaria. Thousands of Jewish families are trapped there without being able to accommodate their growing families.

According to Ehud Olmert, Annapolis peace conference is “a success in itself.” That’s a code phrase for “bug off, don’t demand anything from us.”

Despite the recent Egyptian show of discovering sixty tunnels from Sinai to Gaza, Israel’s Public Security Minister announced Egypt is doing nothing to stop the massive arms smuggling from Sinai into Gaza.
Egypt complains of being allowed too few forces in Sinai under the Camp David demilitarization treaty, but the 7,000 policemen could stop the arms smuggling into Gaza momentarily, as Dichter correctly noted.
Egypt almost ended the Blacks’ infiltration into Israel, and can end the arms smuggling equally well.

November 2007
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