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Speaking in Saudi Arabia, Palestinian gangster Abbas echoed Israeli bosses: let’s implement at least the first stage of the Road Map. The first stage, however, calls for two impossible things: Israel should start dismantling the villages in Judea and Samaria, and Palestinians should stop terrorism. Israel and the Arabs, accordingly, insist that the other party starts first.

And how about the status of the Most Favored Religion? Vatican also laments Israel confiscating some its lands. Vatican can try claiming its lands from Italy first. Why should Israel recognize that inherently anti-Semitic religion at all?

Iranian president seconded Osama bin Laden, declared that oil prices are too low. Well, nuclear bomb will increase the Iran’s bargaining power.

Turkish “experts” admitted by Israel to supervise Israel’s work at the Mughrabi gate lambasted the work of the professional Israeli archaeologists. If only we were really destroying those Muslim artifacts…

Ignoring the needs of Israeli pupils, Israeli teachers strike for several weeks. Monopolistic extortion, breach of contract, violation of fiduciary duty are some of the charges which should be levied against the teachers. But they are guilty of something more important: Israeli education is some of the worst in the civilized world. Israeli sabra students score very poorly in the international tests. There is no quality control system for Israeli teachers who enjoy trade unionist protection for their abysmal work.

November 2007
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