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The World Organization of Jews from Arab countries want their own settlement with Arabs. Sephardi Jews who were forced out of Muslim countries hold legal titles to real estate worth more than $300 billion in today’s prices, or more than 100,000 square kms of land. Israeli government ignores legal claims of Sephardi Jews, but also of the Jews who hold scores of decades-old titles to real estate in Hebron, expropriated by Arabs after massacring the Jews there.

Despite the continuous assurances that 1.5 million Arabs in Israel pose no demographic threat, Israeli government decided to fix the status quo de jure, and requested that the Palestinian Authority recognizes Israel as Jewish state (as if we care about some Arabs’ opinion). Fatah refused, and its negotiator Erakat sensibly retorts that Israeli Jewish majority can call the country whatever it likes. Erakat implies, while the Jews are still the majority in Israel. Arafat and Ahmadinejad explicitly proclaimed the policy of taking over the Jewish state demographically.

The Iranian “moderate” Khatami whom the US Administration wanted to replace Ahmadinejad, declared his support for Iran’s nuclear program. Khatami’s comments came in the wake of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s report which confirmed the Iranian nuclear program is peaceful.

Hamas held a 10,000-strong protest in Gaza against the Annapolis peace conference. We don’t like the conference, either.

Mazuz demands that the electricity shall not be cut off completely. Israel supplies electricity to the Arab enemy who doesn’t even bother paying for it.

The Knesset will hear a bill on increasing the marriage age from 17 to 18 years. Religious Jews bear children continuously through their life while Arabs bring up children mostly in their early age. The bill, therefore, would not significantly affect Jewish birth rate but will decrease the birth rate among Arabs.

The Labor Party threatens coalition crisis if Justice Minister Friedmann proceeds with his plans to limit the immense power of the ultra-left ignoramuses from the Israeli Supreme Court. Israel’s Supreme Court is recognized as the most activist court worldwide. The court routinely micromanages defense, construction, and other issues without even invoking a relevant law.

November 2007
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