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Who cares of terrorists? Give the West Bank to drivers, they are a bigger threat than Arabs.

The boss of Ukrainian anti-Semites (president) Yuschenko visited Israel for a private occasion and met with Shimon Peres. Yuschenko, whose close circle of friends is Who is Who of Ukrainian anti-Semitic figures, offered to mediate between Israel and Palestinian Arabs. Peres ironically suggested that Yuschenko helps by sending money.
Ukraine expropriated the assets of 1.4 million of the Ukrainian Jews whom Germans and Ukrainians murdered in WWII. Two of the Ukrainian national heroes perpetrated the largest-ever massacres of Jews, in the 18th and early 20th century.

According to the Treasury’s Zelekha, they don’t even pay taxes. Just like the Israeli Arabs.

Breslav Chassids petitioned Ukrainian president over the fate of Rabbi Nahman’s grave in the Ukrainian town of Uman. Simple-minded chassids gave power of attorney to a Jewish crook who signed a contract with Ukrainian crook for development of the place. Now the Ukrainian crook, a minor businessman and an insignificant member of the Ukrainian parliament, blackmails the chassids by threatening to build over the grave.
Chassidim are notoriously brave when combating the nice Israeli government, but tremble before the Ukrainian anti-Semites. Tens of thousands of chassidim visit Uman every year, but they are unable even to guard their sanctuary against the Ukrainian barbarians.
It eludes chassidim that Ukrainian law positively prohibits building over the recognized historical monuments, such as Rabbi Nahman’s grave, and so the entire blackmail is moot.

November 2007
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