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Israeli Jews absorb the costs of electricity consumed by Israeli and Palestinian Arabs who don’t bother paying for it.

Israeli State Comptroller Lindenstrauss who made a habit of hunting Olmert, requested VIP security from Shin Bet. No terrorist would care of Lindenstrauss, so the threat is Olmert’s.

Olmert doesn’t believe that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons in 2009. Olmert is far from being silly and challenge the IDF intelligence’s estimates. Likely, he calms Iran down.

Hamas forces shot at, dispersed a crowd of up to 250,000 Arabs in Gaza who commemorated Arafat’s death. Hamas had to act after the provocations by Fatah loyalists. Fatah tried to present the rally as its own, and condemned Hamas‘ actions against the unruly mob. Fatah routinely attacks and tortures Hamas supporters in the West Bank. Hamas desperately tries to establish security in Gaza.

Palestinian negotiator Erekat rejected the notion of Israel as the Jewish state. That silly declaration by an Arab is a great news to Israel. In the last moments before the Annapolis peace conference, Palestinian Arabs miraculously reject the very basis for settlement. Erekat’s statement is probably a secret achievement of Israeli government.
Palestinian Authority is an Arab-only state which imposes capital sentence on those who sell real estate to foreigners.

Badri Patarkatsishvili, a Georgian version of Russia’s Boris Berezovsky, hides from justice in Israel after attempting a coup in Georgia. Badri is one of Putin’s “court Jews” such as Levi Livaev, and acted in Georgia on Putin’s behalf. Badri, as almost all Jewish tycoons and self-proclaimed Diaspora leaders, side with Israeli leftists and finance the peace process scam.

Police will spy on the Internet, cellular phone and other communications without court’s supervision.

Arabs hurled three Molotoff cocktails at Jews near the town of Kalkilya, in the Arab-occupied Jewish land of Samaria.

Turkey admitted a number of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492; Spanish government recognized Israel only in 1986. Peres spoke to Turkey’s overwhelmingly Islamist parliament. According to Peres, Islamist Turkey instills trust in him, and can liberate Gaza from Hamas.

In order to finance the Fatah gangsters, Peres and Abbas signed an agreement to establish industrial zones in the Arab-occupied Judea. Industrial zones are the Peres’ favorite way of money laundering. His peace foundation receives grants for business development, which are happily stolen. Peres similarly invested in Gaza through his own foundation before transferring the money in the excess of $40 million to a Canadian front company which was supposed to invest in Gaza.

Olmert announced at meeting with representatives of the Council of Settlements. Olmert, however, offered Palestinian Arabs even the Temple Mount, so what places does he speak of? Evidently, Olmert plays with Arab enemies, offering them Jerusalem without the intention of following through.

Egypt detected, destroyed 60 tunnels from Sinai to Gaza in 2007, seized 20 tons of explosives. Another 120 tons of explosives were smuggled into Gaza since the 2005 IDF escape from Gaza.

Hamas arrested 400 of Fatah gangsters and loyalists in Gaza. Israeli government announced the plans for releasing 400 PLO-Fatah terrorists from Israeli jails.

Israeli politicians universally reject the right of return for the Arab refugees of 1948 because Israel must remain a Jewish state. If, however, it is permissible to expel some Arabs (in 1948) to keep Israel Jewish, why isn’t it permissible to expel all Arabs now for the same purpose?

The list of the PLO-Fatah terrorists Israel pardoned in July includes the leader of Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade in Jenin, major terrorist cell that continues operating against Israel.

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