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Fatah police armed with Israeli weapons arrested an Israeli Jew near Hebron. The IDF subsequently rescued the Israeli. The IDF also rescued another Jew who ventured into Ramallah, the friendly Fatah’s capital.

Trying to prevent Israeli incursion into the Gaza conflict zone, Hamas sends unambiguous messages: Shalit won’t be harmed even if the IDF invades Gaza, Hamas will meet the IDF with guerrilla resistance. The IDF raid in Gaza can achieve nothing. Cleansing Gaza of terrorists is a decades-long job, not a matter of incursion. Hamas does its best to stop the attacks on Israel by PIJ, PRC.

A minor attack, indeed. Fatah gangsters broke into the shops and houses in the old town of Nablus, seized 7 primitive pipe bombs and announced they have seized forty. Fatah gangsters quickly withdrew from the surprise raid to avoid a firefight with their Arab constituency.

World Jewish Congress fished out a few American rabbis to participate in the common-ground conference with Muslim imams. The participating Muslims are known for violently anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic positions.

Fraud Squad raided dozens of locations in search of documents incriminating Ehud Olmert. Israeli police, staffed exclusively by leftists from the mid-level and up, routinely blackmails Israeli politicians with phony charges. The family members of Ariel Sharon were charged with corruption to make Sharon do the left’s bidding and destroy Jewish villages in Gaza. Now Peres & Co blackmails Olmert.

The soldier will serve jail sentence of 5.5 years. Israeli government delivered thousands of automatic rifles to Palestinians.

November 2007
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