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The usual suspects: Olmert, Ramon, Barak, Lieberman – top the newly released Israeli corruption index which measures public perception of the government corruption. Livni, the model of honesty, comes out poorly: only 46% of Israelis believe she is honest. The real corruptioners, Peres and Beilin, evaded the top ranks of the corruption index even though they appropriate hundreds of times more money than Olmert. Peres and Beilin, moreover, receive money from the EU, which amounts to high treason, while Olmert is merely involved in shady apartment sales.

Israeli Supreme Court defends rights of the Jew-murderers vehemently as usual. The judicial bunch ordered the government to prove within a week that power cuts to the enemy territory of Gaza is not causing unreasonable damage to Palestinians. The leftist court is unconcerned about the long-term benefits of the power cuts to Sderot residents or Israeli taxpayers.

That’s enough for Iran to make a nuclear bomb in a year. Iran will expand its uranium enrichment facility to 54,000 centrifuges. That’s 17 peaceful nukes a year.

Israel’s Infrastructure Minister Ben Eliezer, a staunch supporter of evicting the Jewish villagers from Gaza, admitted the disengagement from Gaza was an error. It’s so clear, even ministers understand it.

Betar fans are banned from the two games for refusing to honor the executed criminal Yitzhak Rabin. Israel developed an elaborate cult of Rabin which doesn’t permit opposition to that “peacemaker,” but really a deserter and traitor.

Leaked joint brief by Mossad, Shin Bet security police, and Aman army intelligence estimate chances of implementing a peace deal with Palestinians at zero. According to the brief, Abbas is too weak to control anything, but Israel should nevertheless let 100,000 Arab refugees in.

Representatives of Arab countries meeting in Damascus called to tightening the boycott of Israel. Every Arab ally of the United States concurred. The meeting pardoned several European companies which agreed to sever ties with Israel.

As if the suicidal peace process was not enough, Bush phoned Pakistan’s President Musharaff and urged him to step down as the army chief and hold the elections. If General Musharaff loses power, Islamists will get access to about fifty Pakistani nuclear bombs.

Lackluster consumer demand cannot offset foreign investments. The rich become richer, and the poor – poorer. Insufficient growth of consumer imports drives shekel up and threatens Israeli export capabilities.

November 2007
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