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Ramon slams Israeli government for shrinking from its earlier decision to cut electricity supply to Gaza. Defense Minister Barak is responsible for implementing the power cuts. Just days ago, Ramon slammed Barak – a leader of the leftist Avoda – as right-winger for doubting that Fatah is a viable peace partner, as Ramon insists it is.

Fatah recently announced that Israeli conducts negotiations with Hamas. At the time, Israeli government rejected the claim. Speaking at the Sderot Conference, Meretz’s Yossi Beilin all but confirmed his communication with Hamas: “we must arrive by the indirect talks – at a cease-fire with Hamas.” Beilin has a long history of treacherously breaking Israeli law. Beilin, for example, negotiated with the PLO Arab votes for Rabin.

The head of research at the IDF intelligence: Iran will have nuclear weapons by 2009, Hezbollah has long regained its strength, and Syria builds its firepower and air defenses with Russian support.

Barak, as other politicians, presumes to speak on behalf of most Israelis, an apparent lie. Barak demands that Palestinians dismantle their terrorist organizations and establish some sort of security as the first step. So, if Abbas designates all the Palestinian militant factions, say, private security companies, would that do? If PIJ and PRC stop shelling Israel for a few months, would that be an acceptable level of security?

It is a cliche that ultra-Orthodox Jews dodge the IDF draft. IDF’s figures tell a different story: 51% of youth in the ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem dodge the draft, but also 34% in the all-atheist Tel Aviv. Is something rotten in the state of Denmark?

Jews must work harder, as the two millions of Arabs depend on them, concludes the report presented to social-environmental gathering in the Knesset. Jews don’t pay as much as they should to develop the Arab areas.

Hezbollah conducted the largest-ever military exercises, involving thousands of personnel and lasting for three days.

The Knesset Committee on Education struck down the controversial line from Israeli school textbooks describing the creation of the State of Israel in the terms familiar to its Arab citizens: The Catastrophe. Should we expect the deluded Arabs to reform and embrace the Jewish invaders?

Fatah forces in Nablus engaged the policemen in its Palestinian refugee camp in prolonged firefight. Fatah brought reinforcements to Nablus. Abbas cannot take over that city – or any other.

November 2007
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