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Two Arab residents of East Jerusalem allegedly plotted to kill mayor Lupolyansky. It’s okay.

After Barak threatened to slightly decrease electricity supply to Gaza, Gaza’s freedom fighters launched several Kassam rockets on Israel and hit the power grid, causing blackout in the Negev.

The son of Yigal Amir, a brave Jew who assassinated the treacherous Yitzhak Rabin, was circumcised today in his father’s prison, on the 12th anniversary of Rabin’s execution.

A convicted sexual predator Haim Ramon who popped up Israeli vice prime minister, criticized Barak for right-wing attitudes. If the leader of leftist Avodah party is too right for the sexual offender Ramon, who is his friend? You guessed correctly: Meretz (the communist party) boss Beilin who joined Ramon against Barak.

The Sderot Conference for Society annually pressed Israeli government for still more huge social spending. Israel’s budget is the highest relative to her GDP among the civilized countries. The Torah prescribes the only form of charitable redistribution: the right of gleaning, and only for those who positively cannot support themselves.

What does that mean, “disable”? Take the rods out to reload them later? The US Administration needs to show its voters some success, and accepts the North Korean scam.

In the preliminary reading, the Knesset adopted a bill which would deduct the cost of damage from the Kassam fire on Israel from the tax transfers to the Fatah gang. Israeli government supports the commonsense bill so far.

The prime ministers chancery approved Turkey’s bid to erect a monument to the fallen Ottoman troops on the Temple Mount. The moronic government forgets that the Jewish Legion was fighting the very troops now commemorated in the holiest Jewish place. The next should come a request from Germany regarding the Rommel’s troops. And why not? Jerusalem is the only city in the world, at least the only civilized city, which sports Mujahedeen street. The Old City’s street is named after the Arab freedom fighters.

November 2007
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