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53 out of the 120 members of Israeli Knesset signed a petition demanding that Israeli government support Jewish community in Hebron. Hebron is the capital of King David and the place where the Patriarchs are buried. Abraham bought the first land plot in Canaan just where the Jews live now in Hebron.
Arabs massacred Jewish religious community of Hebron in 1929. Israeli government bars the Jews from buying real estate in Hebron, and refuses returning the 1929 property to Jewish heirs.

Skilled Arab workers built many tunnels connecting their homeland in Gaza with Egypt. The IDF destroyed today 7 of the tunnels on the unfounded allegations that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad use those civilian structures to smuggle explosives into Gaza, 112 tons in the past two years.

The newborn son of Yigal Amir, the executor of Rabin, follows into his father’s steps and will be delivered into prison on Sunday. This time, for the circumcision ceremony in the presence of his father.

Doctors for Human Rights petition the Supreme Court to release information on the IDF experiments in which 700 soldiers were injected with unspecified substance.

The EU announces still more aid to Fatah gang, optimistically called “Palestinian police.” The Fatah gang’s bookkeeper Fayad promised Barak to finally start implementation of the Road Map’s first stage: establishing some sort ofsecurity in the Fatah-occupied Judea.

The IDF claims it needs additional $250 million to purchase and refurbish gas masks. Jewish population of Israel, short of those permanently living abroad, is about 4.5 million. Of them, 2 million own acceptable gas masks. The cost of refurbishing 1.5 million masks and buying another 1 million is much more moderate by the market prices than the IDF claims.

November 2007
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