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Israel released more than a thousand of Arab terrorists in the recent months as a goodwill gesture to Fatah. Fath, in its turn, released most of Hamas members it imprisoned in the West Bank.

today with Fatah “police” killing an Arab protester against the Annapolis peace scam.

Defending his readiness to surrender the Golan Heights to Syria in return for the ephemeral peace, Olmert appeals to the three prime ministers before him who similarly agreed to abandon the strategic location to unrelentingly hostile Syria. Israel just bombed the Syrian nuclear program, and now it’s a good time to surrender the strategically important heights.

At the Annapolis peace show, Olmert and Abbas presented Bush with a gift: joint statement promises to establish a (terrorist) Palestinian state just before the US presidential elections. The joint Israel-Arab statement is as empty as it gets, promising immediate negotiations and good-faith dialog.

Twenty shells fired on Israel from Gaza.

for Arabs into Israel. The Vatican’s concern over the rights of Muslims is so sweet. The Vatican doesn’t support the Jews’ right of return to Spain.

“The US will be actively engaged in the [peace] process,” Bush announced. Bad news, indeed.

Israeli students scored 31 out of the 45 countries in the international PIRLS (reading literacy) tests. Israeli students scored 41 out of the 45 countries in reading comprehension. PIRLS released test results for the year 2006.
Jewish students scored bad, taking only the 11th place. Israeli Arab students scored 40th. Their results do not support the hopes for integrating Arabs into the Jewish society.

After Olmert had performed well at the Annapolis peace show, Israeli police decided to close investigation against him for Bank Leumi privatization affair. Israeli left routinely employs police investigations as a method of political blackmail, but now the timing – Olmert’s reward follows the Annapolis show immediately – is unusually shameless.

Two years ago, Israel was shocked by a candid video picturing Jewish policemen tearing nostrils of a Jew peacefully protesting the disengagement from Gaza. Today, justice was served. One policeman is sentenced to three months of community work, another to six months, other participating policemen were spared.
The protester would surely get upwards of four years in jail for tearing policeman’s nostrils.

Sixty years ago, the UN adopted infamous resolution on partitioning the Jewish land. After the British cut off 3/4 of the Jewish state to create Jordan, the UN additionally chipped a Palestinian state away from the remaining Jewish territory.
In the unusually frank address to the UN, Hamas announced that all the land belongs to Palestinians, and Jews should not be allowed to live here.
Hamas is the duly elected representative of the Palestinian Arabs.

Russians shipped the first batch of enriched uranium to Iran. The Iranian reactor, though technically peaceful, allows for harvesting weapons-grade plutonium.

The IDF arrested two Palestinian Arabs with bombs at a checkpoint near Schem.

Nemesis of the Jews Condi Rice appointed former NATO commander James Jones as her special envoy charged with extorting a peace treaty from Israel and Arabs. Now Jones can avail himself of the five million Jews for suicide missions on the Battlefield Palestine. Former general is rather unlikely to care about security of Jews in the ensuing peace process.

Bush’s Administration refused to ratify an amended Conventional Forces in Europe treaty, demanding that Russia first withdraws its forces from Georgia and Moldova’s Transnistria. Bush’s demands are irrelevant to the US security or national interests. Russia retaliated by suspending its participation in the CFE treaty.

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