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Israel’s Minister of Interior Sheetrit reiterated the need to end Jewish immigration to Israel. Besides the sensible points, such as not looking for any “lost tribes” or the Jewish Agency’s darlings – the Jews by great-grandfather, Sheetrit demands five-year residence in Israel before granting Israeli citizenship to Jews.
Sheetrit’s proposals are in line with other Israeli policies. If Jerusalem is partitioned with Arabs and Judea given to the Fatah scum, ending the Jewish immigration is logical. The Jewish state is finished off.

The chief Palestinian gangster named Abbas warned the Jewish state that unless Judea and Jerusalem are promptly surrendered, Palestinian Arabs will break out in violence. As if they are quiet now.

Noble sons of Ishmael engaged 200 of the toughest and murderous Border Police in Pekiin village. The friendly Arab rioters used clubs, rocks, shock grenades and firearms against Israeli police. The politically correct Israeli establishment initially tried to silence the reports about the Israeli Arabs firing at Israeli police. The kidnapping of policewoman, forcibly held in the home of the retired Israeli Arab policeman for hours, was also initially presented as her voluntarily seeking protection and hospitality from the beautiful masked men.
The Border Police usually arrives in thousands against Jewish villagers of conservative views. Israeli Jews need to learn the resistance from our Arab cousins.

Shin Bet head Diskin announced that our Palestinian peace partners smuggled 112 tons of explosives into Gaza after the Israeli disengagement.

Patently unprofessional chief judge of Israel Beinisch criticized the plea deal, “It is impossible that the evidence is inconclusive if an indictment was already drafted.” The judicial ignoramus effectively convicted Moshe Katsav on the spot.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer, Olmert might not want to enter the history as the renegade who abandoned Judea and Jerusalem to Muslims.
Israeli doctors have a bad record of treating non-conformist politicians. Recently, Rabin was shot at the surgery table and Sharon was released from the hospital to work after a massive brain damage. Olmert’s chances of surviving the medical treatment in leftist Israel are pretty slim.

October 2007
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