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Yigal Amir, the Jews who was not afraid to execute Yitzhak Rabin, became a father. Yigal’s wife, Larisa Trembovler, gave birth to the baby boy today while the police tried to intimidate her by staging a huge force around, claiming that someone (Shimon Peres? Peace Now?) wants to kill the baby.

Says no timetable will be fixed, and the establishment of the Palestinian state will proceed according to the Road Map: that is, after the Palestinians stop attacking Israel, an unlikely scenario.
When Rabin similarly revolted against the Left, he was assassinated.

The supply of gasoline is reduced by 30%, diesel – 15%, and heavy oil supply for power stations is left untouched. Israel hopes to cause uproar among Gaza’s drivers, but there are too few of them in Gaza to concern Hamas. The reduction of diesel supply is meant to deprive terrorists of fuel for their pickup trucks (sic).
Israeli sanctions against Gaza are silly. Hamas does its best to stop the Kassam rocket attacks on Israel, and setting the Gazans against Hamas makes no sense. Israel provides aid to Fatah which does nothing to stop the attacks on Israel from the West Bank. Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees, who attack Israel, won’t care about the negative publicity from the Israeli fuel supply cuts.

Israel Beitenu announced its firm demands for any final-status agreement with the Palestinian enemy, which mostly relate to Lieberman’s long-discredited idea of territorial swaps. Lieberman imagines swapping Arab-populated regions of Israel for the settlement blocs. That idea is unrealizable because Israeli Arabs would move into the other places of Israel before the swap, and thus remain in Israel. Lieberman’s swap cannot rid Israel of the Arabs, and is anyway rejected by all parties. If, however, Lieberman is prepared to forcefully evict Israeli Arabs during the swap, why not evict them without a swap?
Lieberman also promised to withdraw from the government over negotiations of splitting Jerusalem with the Arab enemy.

October 2007
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