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Palestinian negotiator named Erakat called Israeli decision to reduce electricity supply to Gaza in response to Kassam attacks, provocative. Our Palestinian friend don’t even know the difference between provocation and retaliation.

Israel will cut electricity supply to Gaza gradually, in response to the Palestinian Kassam rocket attacks on Sderot. Such approach allows the Palestinian Arabs to slowly get used to reduced electricity supply, and removes the shock effect of the Israeli retaliatory measure.

The US Administration “slapped” Iran with new worthless sanctions, mostly barring foreign companies from trading with the Iranian Ministry of Defense. No significant European company dealt with Iran’s Ministry of Defense, and probably no company in the world deals with it directly but through formally independent offshore units. Iran’s Ministry of Defense conducts much trade through froint companies in Dubai, America’s ally in the Middle East which received F-16 jets with Friend-or-Foe codes which allows them to target American and Israeli aircraft.
In order to compensate Israel for the impending Iranian nuclear bomb, Pentagon agreed to move the delivery of Joint Strike Force F/A-22 stealth aircraft from 2014 to 2012. United Arab Emirates will receive JSF fighter jets, too.

Striking Israeli teachers threaten to resign should the Education Ministry appeal their strike to the Labor Court. Farewell, I should say. A few hundred less leftists will be murdering the souls of young Jews.

The Americans who rightly detest the US aid to Israel might consider Bush’s $410 million aid increase to the Palestinian Authority.

As already so many times before, swastikas are sprayed on houses and cars in Haifa, a home of burgeoning Slavic population.

Iran’s nuclear negotiator correctly pointed out that the US enforces sanctions on Iran for 28 years, to no avail.

After Barak promised “tough” sanctions against the terrorist land of Gaza, Olmert promised Abu Mazen that Israel won’t cause a crisis in Gaza.

It is increasingly clear that Olmert the master politician only sells promises to the US Administration, and doesn’t intend peace with the Arab enemy.
Olmert was one of the few MKs who voted against the Camp David agreement which made the victorious Israel to surrender Sinai to defeated Egypt. Compared to cheap traitors like Barak and Netanyahu, Olmert is Israel’s best realistic option for prime minister. However one would love to see a person like Eldad or Marzel in that office, Olmert is the best choice among realistically electable candidates.

Arabs and Israeli leftists again petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court over the IDF’s refusal to allow Palestinian students to leave Gaza for studies abroad. Israel Supreme Court had earlier ordered the IDF to allow the buses with students from Gaza into Egypt; the loony judges are so concerned with the welfare of our Arab enemies.
The IDF should let the Arab students out. Almost none of them returns to Palestine. Instead, the IDF keeps the young, discontent, relatively educated Arab radicals shut in Gaza where they likely join the terrorist groups.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad commemorated the assassination of its leader by Israel. The rally was attended by 10,000 of our good Arab neighbors, close to 1% of Gaza’s population.

An Arab named Majadle told the Arab press that Israel is ready to return the Golan Heights to Syria. That’s not what the Jewish population thinks, though. Majadle is Israel’s Minister of Science who lacks even high school education.

IDF Brigadier-General Strick publicly told visiting Shimon Peres what every Israeli with a bit of brains knows: Bedouin help Gaza’s terrorists. Israel presents Bedouin as a wonder case of Arab integration in Israeli society, and Bedouin serve in the IDF. Well, given some money, Bedouin would serve anyone.

October 2007
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