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In the annual rite, Knesset recalls the assassination of the murderer of Altalena, the hysterical impediment to the General Staff in 1967, and the puppet of Oslo. Rabin was elected Israel’s prime minister on the promises of hard line against Palestinian Arabs while his associate Yossi Beilin negotiated with Abbas in Cairo over the Oslo accords; Rabin subsequently came to power on the Arab votes. Rabin was assassinated – presumably on Peres or Beilin’s order – after he rejected further concessions to Palestinian enemies and declared in his last speech in the Knesset that Israel should annex the Jordan Valley. Video shows Rabin freely walking after being “shot” by Yigal Amir who, at any rate, was manipulated by Shin-Bet’s agent “Champagnya.” The famous blood-stained sheet with “peace song” from Rabin’s pocket is cheap forgery: how come the folded sheet has only one bullet hole?
Netanyahu-the-bla-bla praised Rabin as fighter and commander. Or, really? Rabin abandoned his troops and fled the battlefield near Jerusalem in 1948, and collapsed under nervous pressure during the Six-Day War, in which he had no part.
The leftist creature Dalia Itzik who happen to be the Knesset speaker condemned defenseless Yigal: “Your God is not ours.” Indeed. People like Itzik have nothing to do with God of Judaism. Olmert vowed to continue the defeatist path of Rabin.
Israeli left developed cult of Rabin as a pale version of Stalinist worship of leader.

Barak’s challenger Ami Ayalon called on Israel toinvite Hamas to the peace show in Annapolis, provided that Hamas abides by Olmert-Abbas’ deal. Of course, the honest Hamas won’t abide by that treacherous deal.

As Kassam rockets continue showering Israel, the Defense Minister prepares to shut down one of the five lines supplying free electricity to the enemy territory, for two hours every night. Should Barak be placed in jail or mental institution?

Israeli Supreme Court overturned Chief Rabbinate’s decision on providing kosher certificates for Shmita year. Whatever are the merits of the rabbinical decision, it is idiotic for the leftist atheist Supreme Court to pass judgments on purely religious issues.

October 2007
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