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In the effort to enforce security in the lawless Gaza, Hamas confronts Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Hamas-PIJ clashes relate to Gaza’s internal security issues, and Hamas doesn’t enforce on PIJ its request of ceasing rocket attacks on Israel.
Hamas also tries to disarm the Hils clan.
Fatah doesn’t enforce similar security in the West Bank where the armed gangs of Palestinian Arabs armed with Israeli-issued automatic rifles roam the neighborhoods.

After the seven years of silence, the IDF exposed the French TV account of the IDF killing of an Arab teenager Mohammed al Dura as fabrication.
Hamas killed another 13-year Mohammed in clashes with Gaza’s gangsters supported by the Fatah supported by Israel.

The US Administration continues a dumb policy of undermining security measures of its close allies. After twisting the hands of Israeli government and Pakistani military, Bush’s administration now prevents Turkey from attacking Kurdish terrorists in their safe haven across the border with Iraq. Turkey is posed to retaliate against Kurdish insurgents for the attack on Turkish military. In similar situations, Israel undertakes token retaliation only.

A group of ultra-Orthodox youth attacked an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman on an Israeli bus for refusing to move to the back seat – a women’s place. The young scum thought it okay to touch the woman indecently but not sit next to her. On a positive note, the gathered ultra-Orthodox crowd fearlessly engaged the police in prolonged fight and punctured tires of the police vehicle – something that moderate Israeli protesters shy from.

The Muslims, conducting massive construction at the Temple Mount, stumbled into the eight-century-BCE archaeological layer. Israeli archaeologists are banned from working at the Temple Mount for its religious sensitivity, but Muslim barbarians are allowed to.

No charges are filed against the several Palestinian fighters who attempted to assassinate Olmert. For once, thank you, Abu Mazen, and we would like to extend our warm welcome to the Palestinian brothers who tried helping the Jews to get rid of Olmert.

US court acquitted the bosses of the Holy Land Foundation, the largest Muslim charity, which funneled money to Hamas-run organizations of ostensibly charitable background.

The imbecile UN Security Council condemned as “heinous terrorism” the attack on the Pakistani “opposition leader” Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto is not a leader to begin with, but merely heads an ousted party. The real opposition in Pakistan is Islamist. Bhutto is whoppingly corrupt even by Pakistani standards, and is no more a politician than, say, the Fatah thugs. Bhutto is aligned with Pakistani Islamists. Musharaff did a great service to humanity by trying to assassinate Bhutto and preserve stability in the nuclear Pakistan.
The UN never condemned Palestinian attacks on Jews in so strong terms.

in abandoning Jerusalem to the Arab enemy. And Olmert is better be creative, since rational arguments in favor of dividing the Jewish capital with Fatah thugs are none. Sarkozy could better have lectured Olmert on Europe’s policies with its colonial enemies, such as slaughtering millions in Algeria and Indochina.

About a thousand terrorists attacked Israeli prison guards, were dispersed. Soon they, among the 11,000 Palestinian terrorists held in Israeli jails, will be released to conduct peaceful lives as part of Israeli-Palestinian settlement.

October 2007
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