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Israeli Military Intelligence chief Yadlin told Israeli government that Syria will use Hezbollah to retaliate for Israeli attack on Syria’s nuclear facilities.
Israel is unlikely to start another Lebanese war, but IDF will use the pretext of Hezbollah’s attack to clear itself from the 2006′ indecisive victory.

Egyptians in El Arish riot, burned the ruling party’s building to demand that Egyptian government provides better security.

Israel’s Palestinian partners in the peace dialog fired a Grad-type Russian-made Katyusha missile at Israel. The missile has range of 14 miles and landed near the Israeli town of Netivot, quite far from the border with Gaza.

Tanzim leader Barghouti, jailed in Israel, assured the Jews that kidnapped Israeli corporal is in good health. Jailed archterrorist whom Mubarak called worse than Arafat is politically active. So much for the tough Israeli jails.

NU-NRP leader Benni Elon presented an absurd patriotic proposal on ending the Palestinian problem: Israel annexes the West Bank and Palestinians continue living there as Jordanian citizens. Neither Israeli ruling left, nor the US Administration will give that plan a slightest consideration. Jordan, too, doesn’t want million of Palestinian citizens. And even if Israel annexes the West Bank, what she is supposed to do with burgeoning population of lawless unskilled Arabs?

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