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Gal-On (Meretz) called on Olmert to abandon the US peace show because Israel Beitenu and Shas in the government won’t let Olmert deliver sweeping concessions to Arabs. If only that were true. Gal-On thinks too well about Lieberman and Yishai.
On other hand, Meretz’ presence in the Knesset doesn’t allow Olmert some concessions to Jews, like sweeping the Arabs out of Israel.

Arabs in the West Bank refugee camp of Malata fired, threw Molotoff cocktails at IDF troops.

Millions of Iranians rallied in support of the Palestinians, as they do annually. Ahmadinejad threw to the crowds the old argument: “Why don’t the Europeans make a state for Jews in Europe?” The historical issues aside, Ahmadinejad is correct that European governments won’t move a finger or cede a square mile of their land to help the Jews, and only concede to Israel’s existence at the expense of irrelevant Palestinians.
Ahmadinejad previously threatened the West with a major surprise during the Al Quds day.

Dershowitz lambastes Fata for setting morality squads which arrest Arabs publicly violating the fast of Ramadan. The leftist Dershowitz fails to understand that Fatah is correct here: religion deserves respect. But accepting the Muslims’ right to enforce their basic religious precepts begs the similar question in regard to Israel: should, for example, Shabbat observance be mandated in public? Dershowitz, like other leftists, deny religion and is ready to humiliate religious Jews and Arabs alike.

October 2007
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