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France, International Atomic Energy Agency announced that Iran runs close to the 3,000 centrifuges needed to enrich viable quantities of uranium for a rather peaceful nuclear bomb.

Bush heart-warmingly announced that “America will defend its ally Israel.” Both Israel and her Wahhabite arch-enemy Saudi Arabia are American allies. America sells weapons both to Israel and Saudi Arabia. America gives aid both to Israel and her arch-enemy Egypt. America spends on Iraq tens of times its cumulative aid to Israel. America fought for Kuwait, but planned fighting against Israel in 1956 and 1967 to stop the IDF advance on Cairo.

A West Bank PR firm conducted a phone poll in Gaza “proving” how unpopular is Hamas. But landline phones are concentrated in relatively affluent Gaza’s towns rather than refugee camps whose inhabitants overwhelmingly support Hamas.

Olmert the tactical genius confirms that the Palestinians “are not ready” for the peace agreement and “have a long road” in front of them. Pressed between the American friends and Israeli leftist enemies, Olmert cannot refuse the peace process to Arab enemies, but feeds them with empty promises.

Israeli media are allowed to omit the phrase “according to foreign sources” in their reports about the Israeli attack on Syria. Now it’s a free press.

Three Christians arrested, one of them holding a wooden cross, at the Sukkot march in Jerusalem. Pretty intolerant, but hey, it’s a Jewish city.

The US for the first time released a firm figure of the amount of enriched fissile material produced by North Korea: 110 pounds. That suffices for several tactical nuclear weapons. The exact quantity and whereabouts of North Korean fissile material are unknown.

Abbas complains that Olmert refuses to allow the fourth-generation descendants of the 1948 refugees back to Israel. Indeed, why oppose a few hundred thousands Arabs when Israeli government embraces 1.4 million of their brethren parasitizing on Jews in Israel?
Meanwhile, 77 US senators demand that a precondition be put on the Arab regimes participating in the Mideast peace show: that they accept Israel’s right to exist. That seems an impossible concession, and certainly runs against the tenets of Islam.
Olmert demands that the US honors Bush’s pledge to Ariel Sharon that allows Israel to annex the settlement blocs. Olmert apparently missed that someone infinitely greater than the US president allocated Judea to Jews.

October 2007
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