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Israel president Peres froze the release of 29 Palestinian terrorists, a goodwill gesture by Olmert’s government. Perhaps the Arabs didn’t pay Peres enough. Normally Shimon Peres pushes for concessions to Arab enemies.
Meanwhile, IDF chief of staff Ashkenazi protests release of Palestinian terrorists while Cpl.Shalit remains kidnapped. Would the release of hundreds of hardcore Palestinian terrorists be more ethical if Dughmush clan releases a single Israeli corporal?

After the victories of democracy in Lebanon and Palestine (Hezbollah and Hamas elected), the half-witted US Administration pushes for democracy in Pakistan and Egypt where Al Qaeda-affiliated Islamic fundamentalists and Islamic Brotherhood, respectively, will gain power in democratic elections. To that end, US Administration continuously carps at Mubarak who is insufficiently concerned with human rights of good Muslim terrorists. Egyptian press decries the US attempts of democratizing Egypt, and Mubarak warned in a speech that Egypt will not bow down to the US pressure but will continue pursuing stability in the Middle East.
America gives the Egyptian regime, non-democratic and abusing human rights, military aid of $1.4 billion annually. Israel adheres to (Arab) human rights policies for the fear of losing the American support.

Speaking in the UN, Livni promised “territorial concessions” on the part of Israel. In Israeli left’s parlance, withdrawal from the core Jewish lands of Judea and Samaria is not a “territorial concession,” and Livni means ceding Jewish capital to Palestinian thugs.

Assad now acknowledges Israeli strike, but claims IAF hit an unused military building. That’s a marked departure from Syria’s earlier position: a foray, dropped fuel tanks, dropped munitions, attacked agricultural center.

Israel Defense Forces‘ Border police attacked conservative Jews the day after they established outposts on several hills in Judea and Shomron. The outposts were established on Jewish land in strategically important locations. Israeli government ignores hundreds of thousands of housing units Israeli Arabs constructed illegally on Israeli land.

Only 72% of Israelis (presumably, Jewish Israelis) support using nuclear weapons against our Arab enemies in the Mutual Assured Destruction scheme (Simons Foundation poll).

Ashkenazi, Barak praise IDF’s Nativ program which oversees conversion of Gentile IDF conscripts to Judaism. Ashkenazi earlier pushed for dismantling ultra-Orthodox platoons in the IDF, a move that pushed ultra-Orthodox conscripts away from the army. IDF is notoriously anti-religious, but deems Jewish religiosity good for Gentiles.

Dan Harel, an OC Southern Command in 2005 who commanded the troops which assaulted Jewish defenders of Gush Katif, becomes Ashkenazi’s deputy.

October 2007
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