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Iranian opposition groups Iran constructs underground plant under a mountain near Natanz. If true, such facility would require a ground operation or a tactical nuclear strike to destroy.

Following the pattern established after Israeli disengagement from Gaza, friendly Palestinians launched at least ten Kassam rockets and fired dozens of mortar shells into Israel. IDF retaliated nonsensically: destroyed two rocket launchers (primitive tripods) in hugely expensive air strike, killed a few Palestinian civilians and a couple of Hamas members even though Hamas frantically presses the PIJ and PRC to stop attacking Israel. Fatah sponsors Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Resistance Committees, and the Dughmushes (Army of Islam) to provoke Israeli retaliation and upset Hamas. Israel stupidly dances the Fatah line instead of cooperating with honest and responsible Hamas.

Saudi royal Bedouin serving as Foreign Minister is pleased with American vision of Israeli surrender to Arab enemies, describes the American peace plans as painted in “nice colors.” The Americans promised Faisal final-status negotiations with Israel: that is, partition of Jerusalem and leaving Israel an 8-mile-wide strip.
IDF, Shabak operate fairly effectively and ended Intifada in the West Bank. Terrorists killed only 8 Jews this year, compared to hundreds in the previous years. No Kassam rockets were fired on Israel from the West Bank where IDF enjoys freedom of action. Israel doesn’t need formal peace with Palestinians, especially at the expense of major concessions.

says Russian FM Lavrov. Bush’s Administration presses for more of the useless sanctions. Ahmadinejad vowed to develop Iranian nuclear program regardless of sanctions.
America continues to sell Arabs massive quantities of advanced weapons ostensibly to counter the Iranian threat. Iran doesn’t threaten them, and they only need weapons against Israel.

Fatah gangsters transferred to Israel two pipes and some TNT, claiming they seized Kassam rockets from terrorists.

Seven years after the event, IDF arrested one of the peace-loving Arabs who murdered two Israelis in Ramallah. Abbas neglected arresting him. Earlier, Israel had a policy of assassinating killers of Jews rather than arresting them to be released later.

Israeli Supreme Court gave the government 60 days to redefine its rejection of entry to the West Bank to foreign spouses of Palestinians. Many Palestinians buy themselves cheap wives from Iraq and Jordan. Israel refuses to let them in largely as a symbolic act of harassment, and the Palestinians sneak their wives through porous border with Jordan.
As usual, Israeli Supreme Court acts on its own views rather than any law that could be interpreted to make Israeli government forthcoming to Palestinian enemies.

Following the US Army’s tactics of non-democratic alliances with tribal entities in Iraq against Al Qaeda, the terrorist group stepped up its bombing campaign, killing more than 50 Iraqis yesterday.

Israeli FM Livni met in New York with Qatari princeling. Qatar is a hard-nut supporter of Al Qaeda and the host for Al Jazeera.

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