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Hapoalim can enjoy Arab deposits undisturbed by their owners.

Bush blasted UN Human Rights Council (which includes Muslim dictatorships) for criticizing Israeli human rights record while ignoring atrocities around the world. In the same speech, Bush called for Palestinian statehood, which certainly violates Jewish human rights to the land and a minor right to live safely.
Bush didn’t elaborate on the US involvement with atrocious regimes from Afghan mujahedeen to Guatemela.

Angered by Ahmadinejad’s unwelcome visit to America, Senate moved to impose tougher sanctions on Iran. The sanctions will only be tough for US companies dealing with Iran, particularly oil corporations. The bill threatens European corporations doing business in Iran with sanctions, a move likely to be blocked by EU. Iran can always obtain the necessary foreign investment from Russia and China.
Speaking at Columbia University, Ahmadinejad equivocally confirmed his desire to annihilate Israel. Refusing to comment on Iranian plans toward Israel, Ahmadinejad said Palestinian people must decide the future of Israel; presumably, he means the Palestinian people from Hamas and PIJ. Columbia’s president Bollinger kept insulting Ahmadinejad senselessly, including calling him a dictator, though Ahmadinejad is a very popular leader. Much of Columbia’s audience applauded Ahmadinejad.
Morons from ultra-Orthodox Neturei Karta praised Ahmadinejad as a man of peace.
Shimon Peres called Ahmadinejad “the world’s greatest false leader.” Ahmadinejad, like him or not, is a real leader. The greatest living false leader is Peres.

Ben Eliezer imagines that Barghouti’s release will prompt Palestinians to release kidnapped Cpl. Shalit. Even if it were true, the exchage is not worthwhile given Barghouti’s high stance. Barghouti retained high credibility among Palestinians because Israeli jail prevents him from corruption. Abbas will confront Barghouti who can challenge his leadership. Strategically, Barghouti will strengthen Fatah while Israel needs stronger Hamas which will end the defeatist peace process.

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