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Speaking in NY, Ahmadinejad delivered message of tolerance and correctly asserted that never in the recent history did Iran start an offensive war. Ahmadinejad said nothing about Iran’s proxy wars through Hezbollah, Hamas, and Shiite terrorists in Iraq. Iran’s foreign policy, according to Ahmadinejad, is dominated by humanitarian concerns; apparently, that includes a nuclear bomb. Ahmadinejad denied Iran is building or even needs a nuclear bomb.
Columbia University defends its decision to invite Ahmadinejad as an issue of academic debate. The leftist loonies don’t even think in the category of morality. No American university agreed to host a public debate with Rabbi Meir Kahane.

In a speech to the Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee, Olmert’ reiterated his readiness to withdraw from most of the West Bank. Olmert’s position is sensible Israel cannot keep policing the Palestinians forever but will surely create another safe haven for Palestinian terrorists, like the one formed in Gaza after Israeli withdrawal. Absent of IDF troops, Hamas will likely stage a coup in the West Bank, as well. Olmert conditioned his plan on the unlikely event of the Palestinians observing their Road Map security commitments.
The communist scum Yossi Beilin demands that Olmert finalizes the agreement with Palestinians during the peace conference in America. Leftists just want Israel to withdraw regardless of the subsequent advantages for Palestinian terrorists.
Olmert is by far the smartest politician around. He keeps promising concessions to leftists and Arabs but so far made no substantial moves. Olmert’s government released hundreds of insignificant security prisoners but holds steadfast onto heinous terrorists. Olmert propped Ramon to make extreme offers to Arab enemies, such as the partition of Jerusalem, to raise the outcry and demonstrate the leftists that he cannot proceed.

Tzipi Livni will address AHLC, calling for direct investments in the West Bank. Given the perspective of Israeli withdrawal and Hamas takeover, even Afghanistan seems a safer place for investors.
Livni will also meet Omanis for an insignificant discussion. Israel neglects relations with Oman an unusually friendly Muslim government.

The grant of E15 million is requested for Catholic Radio Maryja. Secular EU has no problem funding religious radio.

Attorney General Mazuz decided to indict the ex-labor leader and finance minister Hirchson for fraud, theft, money laundering, and other crimes.
The leftist appointee Mazuz recently dropped charges against ex-president Moshe Katsav who apparently complied with demand of Mazuz puppeteers and stepped down to clear the presidential slot for Shimon Peres. Attorney General also refrained from actively pursuing Sharon’s family after Sharon complied with leftists’ demands of withdrawal from Gaza. Other cases abound.
Mazuz launched investigation into Olmert’s purchase of an apartment somewhat below the market price, an insignificant incident not harmful to the state. The investigation is an apparent punishment for Olmert’s lackluster performance in the peace process and his efforts at reforming the activist self-serving judiciary.

Formally “without blood on their hands,” all of them attempted murder or were accomplices to murder of Jews.

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