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Jewish leftists and Arab right-wingers petitioned Israeli Supreme Court to ban town admission panels. The panels are usually established in small Jewish communities to sift through the applicant and establish comfortable cultural homogeneity of Jewish villages. Frankly, Jews don’t want to admit Arab terrorists in their villages.
The leftist Supreme Court routinely strikes down every measure Jews take to dissociate from Arabs. The same judicial scum banned Jews from buying houses in Arab and Bedouin villages so that the Jews don’t upset the Arabs.

UN Hi Commissioner for Human (that is, Arab) Rights urges restraint Israel and asserts that declaring Gaza a “hostile territory” would make the life hard for Palestinians who voted Hamas into power. That’s what the war is about, making the life very hard for your enemy. Israeli government expected the outcry and declared Gaza hostile territory only to increase foreign pressure on Hamas.

Israeli Supreme Court starts hearing on the petition by leftist Attorney General Mazuz against Jewish National Fund. Mazuz demands that JNF leases land to Arabs.
Though JNF received considerable land tracts from Israeli government free, it developed it with Jewish donations. Though Israeli government administers JNF, it remains a private organization.
Jordan, Palestine, and every other Muslim territory bars Jews from buying land.

The Sunday Times tabloid reports that Israeli commandos on the ground in Syria seized nuclear cargo from North Korea before Israel Air Force bombed the site.
The attack on Syria makes sense of the otherwise silly acceptance of North Korean disarmament pledges by the United States. Now it’s a good time to bomb North Korean nuclear facilities.
Nuclear Pakistan remains the really big problem.

Palestinian explosive belt found in Tel Aviv apartment. Hamas didn’t organize the attack, but praised it.
The terrorist attack was organized by a group nominally affiliated with Hamas in Fatah-controlled Nablus.
Israeli security service obtained information on the belt’s location by torturing terrorist suspect.

Jewish convert to Islam is held on espionage charges.

An Israeli-American Jew Zhivotofsky lost the case in the US court over mentioning “Jerusalem, Israel” as his place of birth. The US and Canada, among other countries, write “Jerusalem” but not “Jerusalem, Israel” in passports.
Years ago, the US Congress decides to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, but subsequent administrations refused.

Petah Tikva court ruled that the controversial Yom Kippur ritual of kapparot violates government’s animal slaughter rules. Nice to see a stupid judge from Petah Tikva settling the centuries-old religious dispute.

A Polish college run by notoriously anti-Semitic priest Rydzyk censured even by Vatican received E15 million European grant.

Ehud Barak criticizes Ramon, Olmert for advancing the peace process with Abbas who doesn’t control his people. Barak also lashed against division of Jerusalem and Olmert’s weak stance against Gaza.
During his term as prime minister, Barak agreed to unilateral withdrawal from 90% of the West Bank, albeit under Arafat, a stronger leader.

Israeli government congratulated Jewish victims of terrorist attacks with Yom Kippur by releasing 90 Palestinian terrorists. Abbas subsequently declared that no peace is possible with Israel while she holds thousands more of his terrorists in jails.

In Palestine, Abbas has to adopt right-wing stance in order to compete with popular Hamas.
Israel refused Palestinian demands of exchanging more than a thousand terrorists for kidnapped Cpl.Shalit, but released and pardoned almost 500 terrorists by now without exchange.

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