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Head of the Judenrat Meretz party Yossi Beilin, a person who committed a string of state treasons by pandering to Israeli enemies, called for a peace process with Hamas similar to that Beilin-Peres-Rabin clique orchestrated with PLO. Beilin slammed Israeli government for rejecting Hamas offer of cease-fire. Beilin ignores the fact that his treason in Oslo led to thousands of Jewish casualties after Arafat returned to Gaza and the Palestinians were reinvigorated with political success. The very strengthening of Hamas in Gaza was only made possible by the Oslo peace project.

Iraqi government lifted a curfew imposed on the US Embassy officials in Baghdad traveling under Blackwater protection. Iraq banned US convoys with Blackwater after that security company killed some Iraqi civilians not a big deal during the war which claims thousands of civilian lives monthly. Corrupt US officials outsourced embassy security to private security firm Blackwater USA despite hundred fifty thousands US troops available in Iraq for the job.

Hamas arranged with Palestinians Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees for cease-fire. Israeli government pushes Hamas for desperate fight in order to exclude it from negotiations and deal exclusively with Palestinian moderates-cum-Fatah gangsters.

Ahmadinejad will speak at Columbia University during his visit to the US. Ahmadinejad, an excellent demagogue, will likely prevail in university discussion.

Sexual predator Haim Ramon who turned Israeli vice prime minister faced a slew of verbal attacks from fellow Kadima opportunists for his offer of partitioning Jerusalem with Arab enemy. Ramon likely tested the waters and prepared Israeli public mood on Peres or Olmert’s orders. Optimistically, Olmert used Ramon to show the leftists than he cannot push the division of Jerusalem through Knesset.
Ramon again proved himself a moron when he credited disengagement from Gaza with reduction of Jewish casualties from Palestinian attacks from Gaza. The reduction is due to the separation barrier. Palestinian terrorists now cross from the West Bank rather than from Gaza. Disengagement produced a shower of Kassam rockets on Sderot.

The Supreme Court ordered top Israeli archeologists out of courtroom. The archeologists petitioned the Supreme Court to stop the destruction of the Second Temple ruins by Muslim construction at the Temple Mount. Israeli Antiquities Authority presented the Supreme Court with a secret brief which likely contains an order from Olmert to allow the Muslim construction with the concomitant destruction to the Temple Mount.

With killing an anti-Syrian member of Lebanese parliament, its anti-Syrian faction ceased to be a majority. The next Lebanese president will be pro-Syrian.

September 2007
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