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After French foreign minister announced that sanctions against Iran don’t work and France must prepare for war with Iran over its nuclear program, now France pushes for more of worthless sanctions against Iran.

IDF soldier was killed in heavy fighting in a Palestinian refugee camp near Nablus. Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, common Palestinians opened fire on IDF troops, threw bombs and rocks.
IDF sought to arrest a terrorist in the refugee camp. Israeli government releases hundreds of terrorists. Scores of Palestinians can be arrested for terrorism in Israeli towns instead of searching for them near Nablus.
Ariel Sharon refused to call Abu Mazen “president” because that thug doesn’t control his territory. If Israel wants to make peace with Fatah gang, it’s Abu Mazen’s responsibility to hunt down his terrorists. Israel give Abu Mazen money and weapons, and then sends IDF to do Fatah’s job.

The Arabs protest stringent security checks which don’t allow them to take bombs on board. Israel jails the Jews calling for boycott of Arab businesses on charges of racist incitation.

Mazuz forms a commission to investigate the 2002 deaths of 14 Palestinian civilians when Israel Air Force dropped a whopping one-ton bomb to kill Hamas leader in Gaza Salah Shehadeh.
Targeted assassinations have long proved inefficient and have little deterrent effect on terrorists. “Targeted” assassination with a one-ton bomb is probably a Guinness world record.

Saudis purchase 72 Typhoon fighter jets from Britain. The purchase dwarfs IDF’s annual procurement budget. No country threatens Saudi Arabia.
Saudis often purchase extravagant quantities of advanced weapons.

September 2007
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