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Olmert denies preparing a declaration of principles with Fatah thugs, but confirms preparing a joint statement with Abbas. Though Olmert might not intend to fulfill the declaration’s promises of partitioning Jerusalem, Israeli left will press him to do so after he signs the joint statement.

Israel withdraws from the core Jewish lands under Palestinian fire, but the hopes of ensuing peace are misplaced. Even after Israel gives away Jerusalem to Palestinians, they will continue attacking the Jews who still occupy their land from Haifa to Beersheba. Palestinians will find good reasons to attack Jews in the ongoing oppression of Israeli Arabs, such as the prohibition of polygamy. British troops retired under Jewish fire in 1947 because the Jews have no plans for England. Israel cannot afford to similarly retire under the pressure of Palestinian terrorism.

Israeli Military Intelligence chief Yadlin confirmed at the Knesset hearing that Iran’s military nuclear program is unimpeded by UN sanctions.

The Washington Post, other sources believe that Israel Air Force carried attack over nuclear installations in Syria after another cargo of nuclear equipment from North Korea arrived in Syria. Syria is believed to host parts of North Korean and Iranian nuclear programs. Russia builds up its protection of Syria both diplomatically and militarily.

Palestinians attacked IDF troops at a refugee camp near Nablus. IDF soldiers returned fire, wounded one Palestinians, and evacuated him to Israel for treatment.

Combining the horrors of Orwellian Big Brother state, Soviet state-run economy, Ottoman bureaucracy, and Persian nepotism, Olmert’s government added the 26th minister, Ami Ayalon. He will serve without portfolio until the government invents a suitable sinecure for him.

The peace process dealer Peres met the porn star-turned-Kabbalah authority Madonna, and discussed the peace process for two hours.
Leviticus 11:14: “They are a detestable thing:. Peres”

The Shiite empire of Iran is at odds with Wahhabist Saudi Arabia, but Ahmadinejad correctly reasoned that the US wouldn’t attack Saudi nuclear installations. Saudi nuclearization will legitimize Iran’s nuclear aspirations.
Saudi paid for the Pakistani nuclear program and reportedly stocks some of the unaccounted Pakistani nuclear bombs.

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