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Olmert, Abbas set up a negotiation team to pave the peace process road. The team will discuss “economics,” including electricity and water. In plain English, that means Israel will continue supplying the independent Palestinian state with water and electricity the Arabs don’t bother to pay for. Now Israeli taxpayers foot the bill for supplying water and electricity to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank since paying for Jewish services is below the Arabs’ dignity. The “economics” also includes one-way border transparency: Palestinians will be able to work in Israel, dumping the local labor market and swelling the crime rate.

Syrian Foreign Minister announced that Israeli jets dropped bombs on Syria. Equally loony Turkish FM blamed Israel for disturbing (the non-existent) regional “peace and stability.”
Israeli fighter jets routinely enter Syrian airspace.

The seven soldiers refused to evict Jews from Hebron. The eviction serves to stigmatize the soldiers. Using the IDF against Jews is completely illegal.

The number of Arabs in Israel steadily climbs over the years. Arabs enjoy Israeli welfare and have ample time to breed. Israel refuses to recognize polygamy among Arabs, and treats the additional wives as single mothers, eligible for numerous benefits from the stupid Jewish state.
Officially, there are only 3.5 Jews for each Arabs. In reality, the matters are still worse. Up to a million of Israelis with meager Jewish blood, while officially recognized as Jews, identify with Slav nationalities. At least 10% of Jewish Israelis emigrated permanently. Arabs constitute 34% of Israelis in 0-9 age group. Arabs are a majority in north Israel. Muslim Arabs increase at 2.9% per year compared to 1.4% among Jews.

That number more than suffices to take over the Palestinian state against the wishes of the 73% who oppose Hamas’ takeover of Gaza. The number of Hamas supporters is still higher in Gaza. A third of the Palestinians want to emigrate.

While Israeli government slowly negotiated with settlers over the outposts issue, the anti-Semitic Supreme Court demanded the government’s plan of eviction. The Supreme Court is a self-appointed bunch which long overstepped judicial limits. Israeli Supreme Court is internationally known as the most activist court in civilized world, entirely independent of Israeli laws and legislative review.
The Supreme Court remains unconcerned over the dozens of thousands houses Arabs illegally build on Jewish land, often on private plots belonging to Jews. Neither is the Supreme Court concerned with the strategic importance of hilltops which the outposts anchor for the Jewish state.

September 2007
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