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IDF commandos dressed into Palestinian uniform arrested a top Hamas official. Al-Qadi, however, is merely a public relations officer in Hamas. Instead of the media-friendly stunts and needlessly risking its best soldiers, IDF should better keep bombing Gaza. Kidnapping Hamas people makes no sense politically: most Kassam rockets are launched by PIJ and Izzadin Kassam Brigades.
Israel senselessly attacks Hamas, our best hopes for inhibiting the suicidal peace process.

Reputable sheikh Salah gave a fiery speech to Arab crowd in East Jerusalem promising that Israel and her occupation will soon disappear. No arrests ensued. Salah helpfully disperses Israeli leftist propaganda about good Arabs.
Public Security Minister Dichter launched investigation against Arab MK Nafa who visited Syria a country at war with Israel. What is there to investigate in the face of clear treason?

The Arab Minister of Israeli culture announced that Israeli fighter jets entered Syrian airspace to take photos. That was treason no charges files.
The Labor moron Peretz who doesn’t know tanks from closed binoculars announced that Israeli jets entered Syria on specific orders. That’s another act of treason, revelation of state secrets, also certain to go unpunished.

Arab from a village near Jerusalem attacked super-tough Border Police with stones and metal rods. Six policemen wounded, no Arabs arrested. When Jews tried to counter Israeli police way more mildly in Amona, hundreds of casualties among the protesters ensued.

In a rare speech to American public, Osama surprisingly appeared with dyed beard to look younger. Unlike the previous forgeries, now Osama looks like himself. As usual, Osama correctly lambasted Bush for the silly war in Iraq and nagged the US Administration about the sky-high costs of the invasion. Osama seems to pursue a Democratic agenda.
Claiming that Jews face no trouble from Islamists except annihilation of Israel, Osama correctly noted that Holocaust happened in Europe. He revealed ignorance when asserted that Jews could have founded refuge in Islamic countries. Moroccans eagerly deported their Jews to Nazis and large pogroms took place in Iraq during the WWII.
Osama then proceeded with socialist agenda of multinational corporations lobbying for wars, and belatedly criticized Rumsfeld for prosecuting Vietnam war. Osama praised Chomsky and showed acquaintance with his “manufacturing of concept” notion. Osama urges Americans to do away with capitalism and surprisingly approves of them doing away with chains of religion.
Osama insists on responsibility of the Americans for the actions of their government they refuse to control or prevent from waging unjust wars. Osama builds a case for mass killing of American civilians. In order to do this, he has to proof them idolaters rather than “people of the Book.” He argues, accordingly, that they worship Allah wrongly, without following his commandments. The idea is tru in Judaism, but far-fetched in Islam. Osama summarizes the American sins as polytheism, which clears for him the path to attack.
The attack, however, is nowhere near. Osama won’t have issued a statement sure to rise warning level just before the attack. He also offered Americans time to study Koran. Osama has glorious dreams, but for now the Americans seem to have cornered him.

Jordan barred Israeli Palestinian sheikh Salah from entering that country. Israel allows that honest Arab to continue preaching against Jewish occupation.

MK Tibi called on Israeli government to severely punish Neo-Nazi Christian Slavs arrested in Petah Tikva. Neo-Nazi groups proliferated in Israel after the Russian aliyah brought many Jews-by-grandfather. Scores of Russian bookshops sell Neo-Nazi literature. Neo-Nazi Slavs are irritating but harmless in the terms of security, unlike Israeli Arabs who profess the very same views.
The purported Neo-Nazi group was a childish outfit without meaningful agenda. Headed by 19-year-old boy, the group attacked diverse targets from Asians to gays to religious Jews.
The Knesset repeatedly failed to repeal the Jew-by-grandfather provision in the Law of Return. It’s too late, anyway hundreds of thousands of people with no relation to Jewry have already entered Israel under the law’s auspices.
The lunatic state of Israel is among the few international outcasts which lack legislative prohibition of Nazi activity.

A friendly Palestinian youngster carried three pipe bombs to explode in Tel Aviv during the Rosh Hashanah festivities. Abbas, Mubarak, and Rice demand that Israel dismantles checkpoints, and Olmert repeatedly promised to do so.
Shabak security service confirms increased terror activity by Fatah and other Palestinian factions.

A few days ago, Hamas dispersed demonstration of paid Fatah loyalists in Gaza. Today, Fatah dispersed, beat Hamas students in Hebron.

The least popular Israeli prime minister ever announced that IDF carried out many secret raids against Palestinian leaders. How come the Palestinians have never noticed them? The top terrorists are alive and well. IDF routinely strikes rank-and-file operatives and cheap shacks with hyper-expensive precision weapons.

Israeli government will release another one hundred Palestinian gangsters in a goodwill gesture. Only heinous criminals serving long sentences will be let loose. No Palestinian group stopped terrorist attacks against Jews.

Haim Ramon, understandably having a grudge against Jewish state for convicting him of sexual offense, decided to dismantle his nemesis. Haim, currently Israeli vice premier, so far offered the Palestinians the following peace terms: elevated highway from Hebron to Gaza, the Temple Mount (because it is a Muslim holy place and who cares about those Jews in kippot) and East Jerusalem, and dismantling large Israeli settlements such as Ofra and Beth El. Israeli flag will be removed from the Old City of Jerusalem (the 1947 solution). Palestinians would need to sign a piece of paper saying they recognize Jewish state and will never-never send suicide bombers again.
Palestinian refugees will return to the West Bank which has no economic capacity to absorb them. Lacking connection with Palestine for sixty years, they won’t integrate into Palestinian society and will proceed to fight Israel who occupies their ancestral land.

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