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Israeli Arab minister of science who lacks high school education announced that Israeli overflight of Syria won’t lead to war. The Arab didn’t miss a chance to reveal some military secrets to our Arab enemies and his friends: Majadle announced that Israeli fighter jets enter Syrian airspace daily. Majadle was quick to accuse Israel of taking photos of Syria.
Majadle presides over a ministry responsible for some of the top-secret military research.
Arab League’s Moussa called Israeli flights over Syria “intolerable.” The Arab League tolerates Palestinian missiles over Israel.

Israeli police routinely beats religious Jews during prayers, notably when they pray on the Temple Mount but also in many other instances like this year’s pogrom in Jerusalem’ Mea Shearim neighborhood. Learning from Israeli example, Hamas beat another demonstration of paid Fatah loyalists who theatrically prayed against Hamas in Gaza.

A group of MKs pushes for district elections. Israel now elects all MKs through party lists. District voting would allow independent, unaffiliated Jews to enter the Knesset, hopefully diluting its treacherous crowd with a few honest people. The bill goes against the interest of the establishment parties who stand to lose seats to independents.

Arab members of Israeli Knesset (yes, oxymoron) joined Fatah gangsters and self-hating Jews to celebrate the Supreme Court decision on dismantling security fence near Modiin, the place of Maccabees.
Leftists, as usual, entered the closed military zone and violently clashed with the army. As usual, the IDF made next to no arrests. It’s only conservative protesters who are usually arrested on fake charges of attacking Israeli police.

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