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IDF officer lightly wounded by anti-tank rocket in Gaza.

On Shimon Peres’ request, the Pope will check with Nasrallah about the kidnapped IDF soldiers.

This week, one Kassam rocket hit day care center. Soon after, another rocket hit near Sderot’s nursing school. Today, Kassam rocket landed near a school.
Israeli government rejected invasion of Gaza.

Norway’s Embassy in Israel urged Norwegian government to condemn Israel’ torturing terrorists prisoners. Unfortunately, Israel treats Palestinian terrorists relatively decently, but the police routinely beat conservative activists, including pregnant women and minors.

Israel grants the right of return to people with Jewish blood and to Jewish converts. Faced with Reformist conversions as easy as saying Allah Akbar, secular Israel has to decide on purely religious matters of conversion. The current preference given to Orthodox Judaism in unsupportable in secular framework.

Israeli Interior Ministry drafted its own rules of conversion: the study (of whatever quality) must be at least nine months long. The convert has to reside in the community the conversion takes place in. That should exclude the converts popping up to the more permissive rabbis. The draft rules sensibly try to limit reformist conversion for the sake of Israeli citizenship. That would prevent a few hundred fake converts from entering Israel a mere drop on the background of 1.4 million Arabs already here.

You can fill in the blanks; obviously, they don’t praise. Failing to find a good new pretext, Human Rights Watch issued another report lambasting Israel for killing a thousand of Lebanese civilians last year. “Israel wrongfully acted as if all civilians had heeded its warnings to evacuate,” says the report. Residents of Dresden or Hiroshima would have been happy to receive such warning.

Bishara, a rare honest Arab MK who openly proclaimed his hatred of the Jewish state, fled Israel facing charges of treason. Nafa, who took Bishara’s Knesset seat, today paid homage to Syrian dictator Assad. Israelis are prohibited to visit Syria, at war with Israel. 330 Druses accompanied Nafa. They had no problem illegally crossing Israeli border to Syria and returning the same day.

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