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Arab terrorists affiliated with Fatah slightly blew a car of Hamas activist in pre-dawn hours of Gaza when no Arab was around.

Olmert’s accomplice Haim Ramon, dubbed Israeli vice premier, announced support for cutting water and electricity supply to Gaza in response to rocket attacks on Sderot. The West won’t let Israel to keep the poor Gazans in darkness and without water supply for long. Ramon’s pronouncement is meant to push the Western powers to intervene with Hamas to stop rocket launches during the peace negotiations. To that end, Israel also submits a petition to the UN.
Abbas condemned rocket attacks on Israel. During his rule in Gaza, Palestinians launched many more rockets then under Hamas.

The leftist Supreme Court ordered the IDF to remove security fence around Jewish town of Modiin to avoid harming Palestinians. The lunatic decision of the activist court is removed from reality: Israeli government always pays the Palestinians for expropriated land – in particular, the land necessary for the security fence. The government pays for the entire field even if only part of it is expropriated.
Israeli Supreme Court’s decision is a victory for Peace Now which fought the Modiin expansion project started by Heftsiba. Frozen investments in Modiin contributed to Heftsiba’s collapse.

Report by National Insurance Institute claims a quarter of Israelis live below the poverty line. Poverty is a relative, arbitrarily defined measure. Israeli socialists keep raising the poverty line income, assuring that enough population remains below it. The Torah allocates orphans and widows a right to glean and rabbis added 10% charity. Israel allows capable people off work and provides them with benefits which would make middle-class Israelis of fifty years ago jealous.
Israel is the only free market country to possess a Social Welfare ministry, a socialist outfit.

Add some 40,000 semi-legal firearms with Palestinian “security” services and a similar number in Gaza. The amount of weapons doesn’t seriously threaten Israel but provide a viable base for Hamas’ takeover of the West Bank. Hamas coup in the West Bank would be great for Jews, removing the prospects of Jerusalem partition in a peace deal.

Ezzedeen Al Kassam group’s website runs a headline: “8 home-made rockets make panic and hysteria in Sderot while the arterially bombardment did not make panic to the Palestinian people!!” They are correct. Israeli targeted air strikes seed no panic in Gaza, and cause no popular pressure on the guerrillas to cease. Only indiscriminate shelling of Arab civilian areas will make a change.

September 2007
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