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Arab neighbors stoned an armored Jewish bus on the road to Hebron.

After Israeli government failed to either stop Kassam attacks or fortify Sderot schools, it sent IDF troops to stay in Sderot schools for no reason, as live targets. Today seven Kassam rockets hit Sderot, and one rocket Sderot day care center. Sderot parents removed their children from schools.
Islamic Jihad declared the rockets to be “a gift for the new school year.”
Olmert warned of “severe response” to Kassam attacks and the government will not restrain the IDF. And indeed, Israeli government announced filing a petition with the UN to stop the attacks on Sderot. Mighty IDF is apparently not enough. Why would the UN end the Kassam attacks on Sderot, if Palestinians fight for the goal the UN supports: Palestinian statehood?

Austrians enthusiastically exterminated their Jews. Lacking the German superficial sense of guilt, Austria maintains vehemently anti-Israeli position and opposes attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities.
Austrian Chancellor met Olmert to strengthen mutual ties with the scum who offered Palestinians Jerusalem.

IDF lacks money for training and basic maintenance, but Asheknazi’s budget proposal includes purposeless high-ticket items like missile ships and stealth fighters, too expensive to risk in battles and lacking adequate Arab adversaries.
Arab enemies embark on a different strategy, buying just good enough Russian MIG-29 and 31 at 20% the cost of hyper-expensive F-35 eyed by the IDF. United Arab Emirates also ordered F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and uniquely received friend-or-foe modification codes; IDF won’t know whether it is fighting its own or Arab F-35.
IDF moves toward the politically correct no-friendly-casualties war with production of Namer APC based on Merkava tank platform. Too heavy and costly, with limited operational lifespan, Namer will somewhat better protect the troops. Israel abandons her original emphasis on mobility and efficiency.
IDF will purchase Littoral Navy ships – which even the US Navy eventually refused due to rampant costs. Lockheed Martin pushes Littoral to Israeli buyers.

Police announce it gathered enough evidence to convict former Finance Minister Hirchson for fraud, theft, and money laundering during his years at the helm of National Workers Union.

Over 1,800 Iraqis died in sectarian violence in August, somewhat more than in the previous month.

IDF trains for evicting Jews from “illegal” hilltop settlements. Conservative Jews settle on hilltops in caravans to prevent Arab terrorists from shooting at Israeli towns and villages. Israeli government ordered the eviction but left the date to Olmert’s discretion. Thousands of soldiers and police are expected to act against Jewish families on the hilltops. American Administration is reportedly a major force behind the push for eviction of Jews.

Olmert’s accomplices demand details of his recent discussions with Abbas where Olmert promised Palestinian gangster the Jewish capital.

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