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Few days after the milestone decision by Justice David Gadol that the Disengagement Law expired with the end of Sharon’s disengagement from Gaza and Jews are no longer prohibited from entering the destroyed settlements, Zionist activists moved back into Homesh. IDF searches for them to arrest, ostensibly to save from Arabs.

Another reckless Arab driver smashed into Jewish car. The Arab is dead, while the Jew was taken to hospital.

EU’a Javier Solana will meet with Olmert, Abbas to make sure Olmert’s government is ready to sell Jerusalem to Palestinians.
It is not clear what the EU has to do with the Middle East.

Hamas dispersed paid Fatah loyalists and detained some, demanding $250 per head ransom.

Racketeers from Jewish Claims Conference demand from Germany compensation for 70,000 survivors of ghettos, and refused German offer of E70 million lump sum as too little. Holocaust professionals in Israel claim from Israeli government subsidies for some 200,000 survivors.
Polls show a quarter of German citizens holding anti-Semitic views.

Haaretz, a sensible left paper, runs today an article suggested what this site advocates for some time: even if Israel withdraws from Judea and Samaria, the settlers should be allowed to stay under Palestinian jurisdiction. For us, that’s the first step toward the state of Judea.

For the first time since 1994, bosses of all Palestinian “official” gangs (National Security Organization, Preventive Security, police, intelligence, etc) met with IDF commanders at Beth El for “coordination”. After some talking, IDF let them go.

Iraq humbly asked Iran to stop shelling its border villages in Kurdistan. Iran, just like Turkey and Baathist Iraq, fights Kurdish separatists seeking to establish their state. Israel and America support Kurds to gain a regional base of operations.

The death toll of the US invasion of Iraq long surpassed Saddam’s brutalities. Though the US Army operates brilliantly and scores tactical victories, lack of strategy dooms the Iraqi campaign. The US invasion will leave Israel to deal with failed Iraqi state, terrorist haven.

Senator Larry Craig, an almost three-decades-long Congress’ incumbent, resigned after admitting to police that he engaged in lovely homosexual relations in Minneapolis airport restroom.

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