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Fatah gangsters transferred to Israel two pipes and some TNT, claiming they seized Kassam rockets from terrorists.

Seven years after the event, IDF arrested one of the peace-loving Arabs who murdered two Israelis in Ramallah. Abbas neglected arresting him. Earlier, Israel had a policy of assassinating killers of Jews rather than arresting them to be released later.

Israeli Supreme Court gave the government 60 days to redefine its rejection of entry to the West Bank to foreign spouses of Palestinians. Many Palestinians buy themselves cheap wives from Iraq and Jordan. Israel refuses to let them in largely as a symbolic act of harassment, and the Palestinians sneak their wives through porous border with Jordan.
As usual, Israeli Supreme Court acts on its own views rather than any law that could be interpreted to make Israeli government forthcoming to Palestinian enemies.

Following the US Army’s tactics of non-democratic alliances with tribal entities in Iraq against Al Qaeda, the terrorist group stepped up its bombing campaign, killing more than 50 Iraqis yesterday.

Israeli FM Livni met in New York with Qatari princeling. Qatar is a hard-nut supporter of Al Qaeda and the host for Al Jazeera.

Says the reportedly bombed nuclear center is an abandoned agricultural installation. Syria’s claim is unlikely; agriculture is not usually conducted underground. Syria uses absence of the target’s coordinates in the media reports to substitute Syrian agricultural site for the real target.

This position only refers to Israel’s peace talks with Hamas which continues to call for long-term truce and cracks on PIJ and PRC to stop the rocket attacks on Israel. Israel conducts peace talks with Fatah gangsters who sponsor PIJ, PRC, and tolerate active terrorist groups in the West Bank.

Speaking of the “progress” in peace talks, Rice confirmed that in February 2007 Olmert resisted even talking to Abu Mazen.
Abbas reject Israeli offer of 92% of the West Bank. The top Palestinian gangster demands Jerusalem. It remains unclear why Israel needs formal peace with Palestinians. Muslim countries reject peace with Israel even if Israel withdraws from the West Bank.

Thanks to the Jewish Agency’s efforts at bringing Jew-by-grandparent crowd to Israel, anti-Semitism thrives in Russian quarters of Israel. Russian bookshops sell Neo-Nazi books, Slav of school age taunt Jewish children with anti-Semitic slurs, and now Nazi symbols are painted throughout Haifa.

An Israeli Arab named Shibli purposely drove over a nine-year-old Jewish girl who rode a bicycle on Yom Kippur. Riding bicycle on Yom Kippur is a major religious violation but widely practiced in Israel.

IDF closed off several sites in Judea and Samaria where conservative activists sought to erect hilltop outposts to prevent Arabs from shooting at Jewish villages.

British University and College Union rejected academic boycott of Israel as technically illegal without doubting its moral premises.

US Army’s sniper Sandoval is acquitted of murder, sentenced for tampering with evidence. Two other snipers await trial on similar charges. Mad leftists apply peacetime justice to battlefield.

Egypt allowed a hundred of hard-core Hamas members and other militants trapped in Egypt since June coup in Gaza, to cross into Gaza. About two thousands of Gazans who support Hamas less ardently remain in Egypt.
Egypt probably decided to rid itself of the Palestinian terrorists.

Mazuz and the Arabs filed a case against Jewish National Fund demanding that that private fund leases land to Arabs as well as to Jews. Jews heavily donated to JNF for a century while Arabs gave JNF nothing, but routinely spoiled JNF lands and burned JNF forests. After many Jews protested the leftist demand of leasing JNF land to Arabs, Israeli government prepared a farcical solution: JNF will give the developed land to the government and in return receive parcels in Negev desert. Israeli government will lease ex-JNF lands, developed with Jewish money, to Arabs. Jewish can go develop the desert. When the Jews sufficiently develop the parcels in Negev desert, Bedouin will claim their right to lease than land, and the government will conduct another exchange, again giving JNF uninhabitable land. The JNF-ILA agreement gives Jews the right to develop the land so that Arab enemies can enjoy it free.

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