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The eternal capital of Jewish state, longed for for 1,900 years, is slated to the altar of the peace process idol. Olmert offered Abbas the Temple Mount and the parts of Jerusalem populated by Arabs. Palestinian gangsters rather than Jews are entitled to the holiest place on earth.

IDF arrested three Arabs throwing stones at Israeli troops near Hebron, King David’s seat of power. IDF routinely instructs soldiers to drive away when attacked with stones. The assumption is that soldiers should not use their weapons to hurt Arabs if they can drive away to safety. Israeli civilians such as Michael Ezer were previously sentenced for kidnapping after conducting civil arrest of Palestinian stone-throwers.

Advisor to Dan Naveh, government secretary in Netanyahu’s cabinet, is arrested for multiple house burglaries.

Human Rights Watch prepared a report condemning Hezbollah for attacks on Israeli civilians in 2006 Lebanon war. As if the sides in WWII did not target enemy civilians.

IDF major who accidentally entered a friendly Palestinian town of Jenin on Monday and almost got lynched by the crowd of our Palestinian neighbors, is sentenced to a month in jail for violating IDF security regulations. No Palestinians are arrested in the connection with attempted murder.

The Finance Ministry considers permitting casinos. The issue, however, is hardly financial but a moral one. Casinos will handsomely add to Israeli pantheon of brothels and shops selling pork, vodka, and neo-Nazi literature.

Israeli perennial loser-cum-president Shimon Peres pardoned five Arab murderers of a 15-year-old Jewish boy; Peres commuted their life sentences to 25 years already served. The most common explanation for Peres’ act is that he seeks popularity among Arab voters either for himself or Kadima. Arab voters would love to see Jew-murderers released.

Arab mob in Jerusalem attacked a Druze policeman attempting to stop illegal Arab construction works at the Temple Mount. The police removed the policeman.

Abdullah Gul, a noted Islamist, is voted Turkey’s president.
A major American Jewish organization ADL recently alienated otherwise friendly Turkey by declaring the deaths of more than a million Armenians in riots during the Ottoman rule genocide – as if the Armenian-Turkey relations are Jews’ business.

Sweet talker Netanyahu offers Russian demagogue Lieberman to merge his Israel Beitenu into Likud. The move would bring Netanyahu Russian votes and displace Moshe Feiglin’s candidates into the bottom of Likud’s list with no chance of entering the Knesset. Merger with Likud will allow Lieberman to salvage a few votes of Russians who otherwise grew disenchanted with his betrayal of all electoral promises.

In case they didn’t notice, most of the population disrespects them, as well.
Russian mogul Gaydamak derided members of the Knesset State Control Committee for clinging to their jobs while ignoring the country’s interests.

Money will be used for a tent city near Ktziot. The funding amounts to $20,000 per person, about their lifetime income in Africa. The government could not comply with the court order to fortify schools in Sderot for lack of funds.

International Atomic Energy Agency praises Iran for slowing down the enrichment of weapons-grade uranium and construction of plutonium reactor.

Someone stubbed the guard and fled through the gate which was supposed to close automatically.

IDF killed three Arab children in Gaza playing with rocket launchers. A 15-year-old Arab kid strapped with explosives surrendered to IDF in Gaza.

Top Palestinian gangster Abbas hired “a special adviser on Jerusalem affairs” to oversee the transfer of Jewish capital into the Arab hands.

Defense Ministry warned just everyone concerned that it closes Ashdod port for two weeks to handle very secret and dangerous cargo. Local hotels will post holiday rates anticipating influx of spies.

US Administration released $80 million to bolster Abbas’ gang.

Israel approved visa-free travel for Russian tourists. The move, though economically beneficial, will not hugely increase tourism revenues because travel to Israel is 5-10 times more expensive than to Egypt. Visa-free travel will further increase cost of living in major Israeli cities as Russians increase their purchases of real estate in Israel. Visa-free entry will make Israel still more attractive to Russian criminals.

August 2007
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