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Exploiting the sensitive issue, activists demand sharply increased benefits for Holocaust survivors. The figure of 240,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel is vastly inflated and includes many Jews who merely lived on German-occupied territories and even fled German occupation. It is not clear why should Israeli government financially support the Jews who lived in ghettos during the World War II. Israel received huge reparations from Germany linked to Holocaust but distributed only a minor part among Holocaust survivors.

While UN peacekeepers police the area south of Litani River, Lonon’s Telegraph reports Hezbollah buys real estate just north of Litani for deployment of Katyusha rockets.

Even Peres rejected disengagement from Judea and Samaria. Peres demands that Abbas first maintains a period of quiet and security – an impossible feat for the Palestinian gangster. Peres also suggested phased release of the 10,000 Palestinian terrorists imprisoned in Israel if the Palestinians keep quiet over five years.

IDF arrests four armed Palestinian terrorists who entered Israel by cutting the fence near Kissufim crossing.

Paid Fatah loyalists staged a 20-minute long rally in Gaza chanting, “We want freedom.” Hamas forces promptly dispersed the 300 supporters of Fatah gang.

Though Syria remains unlikely to attack Israeli population centers with chemical warheads, Barak’s argument against distributing gas masks – avoiding arms race with Syria – is lame.

Prof. Hillel Weiss, member of the newly reconstructed highest Jewish court, retracted his death curse of an IDF traitor who evicted religious Jews from Hebron.
Olmert was a rare public figure who didn’t join the chorus of condemnations against Prof. Weiss, ranging from the Peace Now to Netanyahu.

Galilee Liberation Group, an Arab terrorist organization, claimed responsibility for the recent attack in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Galilee is heavily populated by Arabs who constitute majority in many regions. Israeli government avoids confronting the hostile Arabs. Thus, after Arab riot led to closure of traffic from Jewish Nazareth, the government chose to build a bypass road for Jews rather than punish the Arabs.

Japan government’s funds will go into industrial projects in the “peace valley” between Israel and Jordan. Due to its remoteness and harsh climate, the industrial park is likely to attract ecologically dangerous factories. One such factory exploded today near Beersheba; eight workers hospitalized and road to Beersheba blocked for hours.

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