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Jerusalem court prohibited banks from taking over 2,600 of bankrupt Heftsiba housing units sold but not transferred to customers, even though banks have them as collateral.
Real estate boom and rising prices keep many other fraudulent developers afloat.

Cowed down by Israel and the US, Abbas rejects the new unity government but will have eventually to accept it as the only way out of the crisis. Israel will have to accept the unity government under the provision that weapons are supplied to Fatah only to ostensibly fight its democratically elected coalition partner. Other countries will recognize the Fatah-Hamas government nominally formed of “independents.”

Sela administration reports disengagement costs from Gaza of $4 billion or 500,000 per person. Hardly any family received a quarter of that amount.
Costs will continue rising as only 10% of the relocation settlements are constructed.

Tzipi Livni met US Treasury’s rep over new financial restriction on Iran. Iranian businessmen easily circumvent the US Treasury’s restrictions by routing payments through United Arab Emirates and in euros.

Arabs fired four Kassam rockets at Israel; landed in Negev. IDF fired three rockets at the unused Gaza’s airport; no damage.

Failing to build communist utopia in Russia, Jews do it in Israel. Police “investigate” a professor of literature Hillel Weiss for cursing a police officer during eviction of religious Jews from Hebron where police brutalized his children. Police treat the professor’s death wish to police bandit as incitement. Strong wishes materialize…
Shas MK Margi asked Bar Ilan university to suspend Professor Weiss.
University’s president called Weiss’ curse “hair-raising.” To the leftist president, eviction of Jews from King David’s capital is not hair-raising.
Hebron residents wooed away visiting chief police inspector with similar curses today.

Israeli government asked the UN to pinpoint refugees among the thousands Black infiltrators into Israel and clarify what to do with them.

In the phony outrage over the pope’s meeting with one of anti-Semitic Polish priests, Anti-Defamation League sent the pope a letter praising his “priceless credibility and integrity.”

It’s hard to see how the humanitarian situation in Gaza could worsen if 1.1 million Gazans were receiving UNRWA aid in the heydays of Palestinian unity government.

Israel’s Supreme Court upheld the government’s ban on 16-35 year old Gazans to enter Israel. Ostensibly related to security, the prohibition is intended to punish Hamas.

Ezra Ish-Ran, a policeman from Tkoa whose son was killed by Arabs, slapped Limor San-Har-Melech, a well-known female activist who was arrested along with her baby ostensibly for attacking a policeman.

Haniyeh says, Fatah offered him unity government after he recognizes Israel, which he refused. Fatah needs those few words of Israel’s recognition from Hamas so that the Palestinian unity government will continue receiving money from the stupid Jews.

Egypt renounced Israeli intentions of deporting the Black infiltrators back into Egypt. As the Egyptian Foreign Ministry correctly notes, international law does not obligate Egypt to accept the infiltrators back.
Israel refuses Egypt’s reasonable demands to increase its forces in Sinai to 7,500 – a militarily insignificant level – to counter the Black infiltrators.
Egypt defended its practice of shooting the illegal Black migrants as the way to make them respect the law. Israel offers the Blacks jobs and subsidizes them. No wonder, the number of Black illegals swelled in July to perhaps 3,000.

An Arab snatched a gun from security guard at Jerusalem yeshiva and shot the guard. Another guard shot ten bystanders trying to kill the Arab, which he eventually did. Police called the guards’ performance excellent.

A corrupt thug Ehud Barak redefined Israeli values when he demanded that Bar Ilan University fires Professor Weiss for cursing an IDF officer participating in eviction of religious Jews from Hebron. The officer acted illegally since the IDF cannot be used against Jews, and the IDF was in Hebron to guard against Palestinians. According to Barak, Prof. Weiss violated the basic Jewish values by cursing the IDF renegade.

After Israeli media related Barak’s description of peace efforts with Palestinians as “fantasies,” Barak clarified his position: he is interested in peace. Leftism rules.

Children attending the Reform Sunday schools are 9% more likely to intermarry than other Jews (study by Hebrew Union College).

Bush demands Pakistan’s military dictator Musharaff holds free elections – which will bring Islamists groups to power. In Pakistan, only Islamists are not tainted by corruption. Pakistan possesses about 53 nuclear bombs.
Bush already staged democratic elections in Lebanon and Palestine, bringing Hezbollah and Hamas to power.

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