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Hamas warned IDF against pressing Shalit’s kidnappers for his return. Presumably, IDF does a good job of pressing.

Olmert, Abbas again embraced each other in Jericho while their subjects kill each other elsewhere. Abbas advanced his usual demands of freeing more terrorists and removing the checkpoints to bring peace closer.
“All meetings will be of no benefit to the Palestinian people,” declared Hamas. And of no benefit to the Jewish people.

12 IDF soldiers refused to evict two Jewish religious families from Hebron. A similar number pretended sick. Major General Shamni ordered trial of the soldiers who refused evicting fellow Jews. Refreshingly, several rabbis counseled the soldiers to refuse the shameful mission. The developments are in stark contrast to the complacency about Gush Katif eviction.
2,500 IDF troops will guard the institutional murderers from Border Police evicting the religious Jews from empty stalls in abandoned Hebron marketplace. The funny part is that IDF will guard the police ostensibly against Palestinians who are expected to attack the police while it evicts the religious Jewish families.
The market in question, among many other properties, is legally owned by Jews but taken over by Arabs after the 1929 Hebron massacre of Jews.

Perennial loser-cum-Israeli president Shimon Peres, a former chairman of Socialist International, met his communist colleagues from Norway and Italy. Peres lambasted democratically elected Hamas and its unnamed sponsors, though it is Israel who pushed for democratic elections in Palestine and finances the Palestinian Administration which pays tens of thousands of Hamas functionaries. Peres praised Fayyad who a few days ago clarified that any resistance is legitimate against the Jewish state.

A commander of the famed Givati Battalion will be removed under the left’s pressure for shielding Jewish soldiers during antiterrorist operation. The Supreme Court outlawed a military practice intentionally misnamed “human shield” whereas the IDF sends Palestinian neighbors to ask the hiding terrorists out of the house to avoid combat.
The Givati commander was sacked after a media-savvy Palestinian terrorist sent a 14-year-old girl out of the house instead of coming out himself, and the girl was shot.

IDF arrested a Palestinian who transported a 20lbs bomb inside a dead lamb.

Year 2008 budget of US$80 billion is Israel’s largest ever, one of the highest per-capita allotments in the world. Education expenses largely attributable to Israeli Arab parasites fuel budget deficit of 1.6%. Education budget hike will increase teachers’ salaries without altering that moribund pool of unskilled leftist appointees.
Defense budget increase of $10 billion over the coming decade is laughable on the background of Saudi one-time arms purchase from America of $8 billion.

US Embassy in Iraq reports. The “serious” talks produced no changes on the ground in Iraq.

Britain demands trial of IDF Lieutenant Haib, a Bedouin who shot British photographer James Miller when he was waving white flag. Bedouin reconnaissance squad apparently took photography equipment for weapons and fired no less than six shots, killing James Miller on the spot in Rafah. Jewish soldiers are generally sentenced for similar actions of manslaughter through gross negligence. Unwilling to spoil her shaky relations with the Stone Age Bedu nomads, Israel refuses a show trial for Haib, facing instead unnecessary diplomatic confrontation with Great Britain.

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