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The government will be comprised of “independent” Arabs to circumvent Israeli restrictions on transferring money to Hamas-dominated government. Abbas cannot conduct new elections in Hamas-controlled Gaza and the new unity government is his only choice. To attain it, Abbas has to accept Hamas militia which he tried to disarm.

Two Arabs cut the fence from Gaza on Friday and entered Israel to work illegally. Police, IDF hunted them down fearing they could be terrorists.

Professional Holocaust lobbyists demanded raising benefits for hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews who lived through the WWII rather than specifically being detained in the German concentration camps. Olmert retaliated by mere $21 shekel a month increase in benefits. Holocaust lobbyists blackmail Olmert with mass protests.

63 MKs – more than half of the Knesset signed a petition to Olmert’s government to end deportation of illegal Black migrants which storm Israel from Egypt. Israeli loonies demand that the Jewish state assimilate thousands of Blacks who keep entering Israel through the porous border with Egypt by dozens daily.
The Blacks flock to Israel for economic reasons only. A few of them from Darfur already escape persecution when they enter Egypt. Most Black migrants come from safe African countries. Learning about the state of Jewish idiots who welcome them, more Blacks will infiltrate into Israel.
The politically correct Netanyahu also signed the petition.

IDF pushes for legal repressions against draft-dodgers. The draft dodgers in question are religious Jews who refuse to serve in decidedly secular IDF environment and be showered with peace propaganda – though most would gladly serve in religious units which the IDF refuses to expand.

Israeli Arabs do not serve in IDF or in alternative civil service like Jewish leftists and pederasts. Israeli Arabs, however, live in tax-free environment, are virtually exempt from obtaining building permits, and will now receive free university tuition on par with Jewish combat soldiers.

A gang of Peace Now members demonstrated against upgrading college in the Jewish settlement town of Ariel into a university. Yuli Tamir, a founder of the Peace Now and a current minister of educational propaganda, is expected to veto the upgrade.

in Netanya. Local municipality bans pork sale in city center.

August 2007
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