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Other pro-peace Palestinians damaged an armored Israeli bus with rocks near Bethlehem.
IDF killed three Arabs in Gaza.
Arabs engaged IDF soldiers in gunfire battle near Ramallah, a seat of the moderate Palestinian ruler Abbas who promised Israel to rein in the Fatah-affiliated terrorists.

Livni said, withdrawal from the West Bank will give an example to Arabs they, too, can negotiate with Israel. Israeli government and the US Administration tout the withdrawal from the West Bank as the ultimate solution for all the Middle East problems.

After Iran was funneling money through Hezbollah for rebuilding Lebanese houses destroyed in Israeli air raids, Evangelical Christians pledged $10 million to repair shelters in north Israeli. Jews must be safe from Hezbollah to show up at the evangelically prescribed apocalypse.

51% of Syrians would accept peace with Israel in return fro the Golan Heights, poll indicates. Three quarters of Syrians support government funding of Hezbollah and Hamas. Since the survey was conducted by telephone – ostensibly among the well-off Syrians who can afford a telephone – it understates the anti-Israeli feelings of lower classes.

Israeli police brutally beat Bedouin protesters over the demolition of two houses in one of the dozens of illegal Bedouin villages in the Negev. Israeli government carefully scale the force: oppressing Jews to the fullest extent of the law over the minor construction irregularities, rarely clashing with friendly Bedouin over their villages built illegally on squatted Jewish land, and never enforcing the law against the hostile Israeli Arabs who built tens of thousands of illegal villas on Jewish land.
Israeli government seeks to end the conflict with Bedouin by giving them the squatted Jewish land free.

Police have long investigated Ashkelon mayor for corruption and, failing to find any evidence, recommended charging him with “election bribes” – a normal practice of offering his supporters municipal sinecures. If that’s a crime, send every Israeli politician to jail, since that’s what almost everyone does.
Roni Mehatzri was elected from the New Ashkelon movement, breaking Likud control over the city.

Fatah promised to avoid paying Hamas members with Israeli tax transfers. Haniyeh returned his salary to the Fatah government – a move that implicates Fatah in paying salaries to Hamas members with Israeli and American money.

Hamas published scores of the PLO documents seized in Gaza detailing corruption in the Arafat government. Though the list only runs in millions of dollars whereas the PLO stole billions, Fatah vowed to defend Arafat’s honor and accused Hamas of stealing millions of dollars of aid from Iran and a minor sheikhdom of Qatar, a place relatively friendly to Israel but also to Islamists.

After the Heftziba real estate company went bankrupt with $300 million in debts, hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews settled the homes owed to them by the company. Police threatens to evict the religious Jews so that the houses can be sold to satisfy Heftziba’s bank debts.

After Israel demanded that Egypt stops infiltration of Blacks through Sinai into Israel, Egypt adopted a devilish approach of showcase violence to the Blacks. Egyptian police shot a number of them and brutalized more. Today, Egyptian police killed two Blacks and lynched another two before the eyes of IDF soldiers across the border. Egypt positions itself as a brutal animal who cannot be counted on to take care of the Black migrants. The Egyptian move is calculated to make it impossible for Israel to expel the Black infiltrators back to Egypt and to accept subsequent Black migrants who now swarm Egypt.

Produce of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria is excluded from the free trade regime between Israel and the EU. Libya is more to Europe’s liking than Jewish settlers.
Gaddafi’s son claims France paid half a billion dollars to release the Bulgarian nurses sentenced in Libya, Britain agreed to release a Lockerbie bombing convict, and the EU sold Libya $400 million worth of weapons.

Israel and Fatah will again agree on the Palestinian borders and postpone the issues which broke negotiations before: Jerusalem, settlements, and refugees.
Abbas told Rice he agrees to discuss the peace principles with Israel. So nice of the top gangster.

Abbas of course fails on his promises to Israel to make the West Bank a safe place.

The Interior Minister Sheetrit called to end the absurd campaign which already brought to Israel more than a hundred thousand Black Christians whose ancestors centuries ago ostensibly adhered to Judaism. Jewish Agency is bent on bringing more Blacks as it cannot find many more Slavs masquerading as Jews to bring to Israel. Ethiopian “Jews,” typical Africans, cannot integrate into the advanced Israeli society.
Sheetrit’s racism is refreshingly rational amid the Jewish politically correct nonsense. If only that racism spread onto Israeli Arabs. We want them even less than the Blacks.

Vastly different birth rates among the atheist and religious Jews might soon make Jewish people predominantly religious again. Ultra-Orthodoxes are 17% in the UK, 10% in the US, and 14% in Israel. With atheist Jews assimilating and the older generation passing away, religious Jews will regain the scene.

Syria threatens Israel with low-profile attrition warfare in the Golan Heights if Israel not returns them. Syria will employ Hezbollah’s tactics while counting on Israel’s hesitance to break the cease-fire.

Israel Beitenu’s MK David Rotem declared he would do everything for peace with the Arab enemy, even blow the Western Wall.

The leftist propaganda (education) ministry expects to repeal the long-standing practice of grants for IDF soldiers. Initially expanded on ultra-left and pederasts who don’t serve in the IDF, the grant system will also cover the Arabs.

Israel abandoned hunt for 178 wanted Arab terrorists who were supposed to join Abbas’ gang against Hamas. Less than half of the terrorists sold their weapons to Abbas for outrageous prices paid by Israeli money.

Hezbollah rejected Israeli idiotic offer of swapping hundreds of convicted Arab terrorists for the two kidnapped IDF soldiers. Hezbollah refused to offer sign of life proof – an unreasonable move if both soldiers are alive.

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