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Defense Ministry warned just everyone concerned that it closes Ashdod port for two weeks to handle very secret and dangerous cargo. Local hotels will post holiday rates anticipating influx of spies.

US Administration released $80 million to bolster Abbas’ gang.

Israel approved visa-free travel for Russian tourists. The move, though economically beneficial, will not hugely increase tourism revenues because travel to Israel is 5-10 times more expensive than to Egypt. Visa-free travel will further increase cost of living in major Israeli cities as Russians increase their purchases of real estate in Israel. Visa-free entry will make Israel still more attractive to Russian criminals.

Heftsiba’s story is yet to emerge. It is not clear how Heftsiba’s top managers could expropriate so much money for the company failed in a booming real estate market. The role of Peace Now needs to be investigated. Peace Now forced freeze on Heftsiba’s major project in Modiin out of concern for poor Arab villagers nearby.
Almost every other large real estate developer in Israel follows Heftsiba’s model, and many borrow heavily through variable-rate instruments at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, which make them extremely vulnerable to fluctuations of interest rate.
Bank of Israel promised to repay all customers of Heftsiba who paid through banks. The message is clear: imprudent customers can continue dealings with fraudulent companies; Israeli taxpayers will compensate them.

Arabs digging a 500-yard-long trench on the Temple Mount to refurbish electrical supply at the Aqsa mosque discovered an 8-yard-wide wall underground. Israeli archaeologists believe the wall is the first remnant of the Second Temple proper ever found. The Arabs proceeded to dig through the wall.

Israeli government’s move runs against the vested interests of squandering Jewish efforts and money over Darfur issue. Israel deporting the illegal Black migrants doesn’t look good with US media. Reformist leaders present Jews as suffering, nice, and tolerant rather than sensible. Egypt, for its part, decidedly shows cruelty to the Blacks to press Israel into accepting the infiltrators.

Egyptian newspapers condemn Waked and Actors Union promises a probe on him for working on TV series in Tunisia where an Israeli actor was also employed. Egypt is at peace with Israel for three decades.

A bunch of law professors from Israeli universities submitted a brief to the US Supreme Court on behalf of Islamic terrorists jailed in Guantanamo. Jewish loonies argue for the example of Israel’ successfully allowing due process to Palestinian terrorists. Removed from the earthly experience, the professors missed that Israel mostly jails Arab terrorists either captured with weapons or based on the sort of covert evidence inadmissible in courts of civilized countries.

Uri Ariel (MAFDAL) accused Israeli government of deliberately withholding Jewish property in Hebron. Hundreds of buildings legally owned by Jews were abandoned after the 1929 massacre, and are know under the guardianship of Israeli government which refuses returning them to heirs and prohibits Israelis to settle in Jewish-owned neighborhoods in Hebron.

Obadiah Shoher advanced a solution long ago: Jews need to refuse their Israeli citizenship to bypass Israeli restrictions on her citizens’ residing in Hebron. Stateless Jewish refugees would have more rights in Hebron than Israeli citizens.

August 2007
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