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Yoram Danziger is the second private attorney in a month appointed Israeli Supreme Court judge. Though somewhat offsetting the ultra-left bunch of the Supreme Court judges, Danziger has no experience whatsoever in criminal law. Danziger’s experience in corporate law is useless in the Supreme Court.

During Abbas’ visit to Moscow, the KGB appointee Putin declared the Palestinian top gangster “the legitimate leader of all Palestinians.” Half the Palestinians supporting Hamas beg to differ.

Jordan refused Netanyahu’s call for deploying its troops in the West Bank in the peacekeeping mission. Nobody wants to keep peace among the Palestinians.

$20 billion arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and petty sheikhdoms would include truly useless items: hyper-expensive naval vessels, GPS-guided bombs which proved a failure in Iraq due to their small payload, and upgrades to the aircraft the Arabs have no skills to fly, anyway.
Minor Democratic congressmen also decry the arms sale to Saudi Arabia which rids itself of Islamic activists by sending them to fight among Iraqi insurgents. Mainstream Democrats won’t oppose the deal, hugely beneficial to the American military-industrial complex.

Knesset commission for state control was supposed to hear today Lindenstrauss’ report on the home front unpreparedness during the 2006 Lebanon war. Out of 15 MK – members of the commission, a single MK (Orlev, MAFDAL) attended the hearing.
An Arab member of the commission was thankfully absent and won’t deliver secret military information to Hezbollah this time.

Ultra-Orthodox rabbi Ovadia Yosef, a spiritual leader of the renegade Shas party declared, “A woman’s knowledge is only in sewing.”

The illegal Palestinian PM Fayyad, the US darling, during the press conference in Cairo tried hard to whitewash himself from the accusation of collaboration with Israel. Abbas’ government is under criticism for renouncing armed struggle with Israel and announcing only “resistance.” Fayyad defined the legitimate resistance as “all possible efforts” to reach the Palestinian goals. That’s very much what Hamas does.

Israeli government allowed 41 Arab refugees to “return” to Judea and Samaria in family reunion schemes. Another five million refugees are waiting to follow the suit after Israeli government established the legal precedent of return.

Public Security Minister Dichter argues against visa-free travel to Israel for Russians, a measure that would bring considerable tourist revenues, for the fear of “tens of thousands prostitutes” entering Israel. Israeli police arrested less than 1,400 prostitutes since year 2000. The Bible treats foreign prostitution leniently. Notably, Judah impregnated Tamar taking her for a prostitute.

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