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The victim is alive, wounded.
Other good Arab neighbors attempted kidnapping of a 14-year-old Jewish religious boy from Jerusalem.

Olmert mulls dismantling the roadblocks to curry favor with Arab enemies.

Military budget is increased by mere $750 million annually ostensibly to correct the Lebanon war’s problems. Money, however, doesn’t correct the lack of strategy and leadership.
Arab military purchases dwarf the IDF’s budget. US sells $20 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, and UAE in a single deal. US alleviated Israeli concerns over strengthening her enemies by increasing military aid to Israel from $2.4 to 3 billion annually.
With Russia arming Iran and Syria, and the US arming the rest of Arabs, the IDF’s prospects are increasingly gloomy.

Answering the petitions by leftist groups and the Supreme Court’s order, IDF undertook to promptly process visa requests for the Palestinians. No civilized country commits to issuing visa to foreigners, let alone enemy at war, at a specific interval before the requested travel date.

The Reform Movement, WZO-Ameinu, other politically correct self-hating Jews lambasted the Knesset’s effort at blocking the Supreme Court’s ruling that commanded the Jewish National Fund to lease Arabs the land developed with Jewish donors’ money.

The Council of Settlements, a treacherous organization on the Ministry of Internal’s payroll, shows signs of improvement under new leadership. The Council of Yesha publicly denounced Rice’s statement calling Judea and Samaria “occupied territories.” That sort of occupation is biblically mandated.

Under the new guidelines from the Welfare Ministry, homosexuals can easily adopt children to imbue them with the decadent lifestyle. The Torah prescribes executing homosexuals.

Netanyahu publicly decries withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, citing the lessons of disengagement from Gaza. Visiting Egyptian foreign minister told an Arab newspaper Netanyahu agreed in principle with the Saudi “peace plan.”

July 2007
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