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Iraq Sunni insurgents detonated a truck bomb in central a market.

Pakistani military ruler Musharaff discusses cooperation with ultra-corrupt opposition leader Bhutto to prevent Pakistani Islamists from joining the government.

Bush Administration proposed $3 billion to Israel annually, $1.3 billion to Egypt dominated by Muslim Brotherhood. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE will purchase $5 billion worth of the best US weapons.
Arming both Israel and its archrival Egypt seems somewhat counterproductive.

Israel keeps the Rafah crossing on Gaza-Egypt border closed to bug the Hamas, but allows thousands of Palestinians from Egypt enter Gaza through Erez crossing. Thousands of Arabs will drive through Israeli territory to reach the Erez crossing. Erez is not up to searching such crowds, and Palestinians will smuggle weapons and cash just as they would have done through Rafah.

Yossi Beilin rejoices over the PLO abandoning its call to armed resistance in the new platform. Abbas-led Palestinian moderates demand partition of Jerusalem, destruction of Jewish settlement blocs, and return of refugees. Abbas openly calls to “national opposition to occupation.” The less politically correct Hamas renounced the new platform and vowed to continue armed struggle against Jews.

Fatah will legislate national ballot instead of the current regional (majoritarian) balloting. Hamas, a banned organization, run in elections through nominal independents who, unknown outside their regions, cannot win in national elections. Hamas is likely to counter the move by registering an umbrella political organization. Fatah will react by allowing only a year-old (rather than newly formed) political parties to participate in elections. Hamas will go underground, as before, and continue guerrilla war. Hamas will not allow the rigged elections in Gaza and possibly conduct its own elections there, creating de facto three Palestinian states: Jordan, the West Bank, and Gaza.

IDF reestablished security coordination with the Fatah-PLO rulers of the West Bank after Fatah made a show of arresting a few political opponents. Israel gives Fatah money to buy automatic rifles from wanted terrorists who are amnestied after they thus “surrender” their weapons. Compensation vastly exceeds the market price for AK-74 rifles in Palestine. The terrorists received M-16 rifles from Israel, ostensibly to fight Hamas.

Iran agreed to purchase 250 Su-30MKM fighter aircraft and 20 Il-78MKI refueling planes, Debka reports. Su-30MKM, dubbed “Islamic Sukhoi”, is a scaled-down version of the Russian jet. Though Su-30MKM has moderate tactical capabilities compared to the US F-15, the purchase will allow Iran to effectively engage Israel in air combat. The deal should be valued in $20 billion range. Iran lacks this money so far.

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